Thousands of small businesses need you

The thousands of small businesses in every part of the UK are your opportunity to build your own profitable business with TaxAssist

Together, we are the largest network of accountants in the UK serving the small business market: 190 franchises providing essential services that business people rely on year in year out. There is capacity for a significant number of new franchises right now.

About you

You might be just the sort of person who can benefit from this. You don't necessarily need to be an accountant to succeed, although many accountants have developed profitable and valuable businesses with TaxAssist. More important is that you have the drive to build a business and lead a team that will meet the needs of small businesses.

"The TaxAssist brand is excellent and allows me to portray a 'big' practice feel but with a 'smaller' practice price structure - a real winner with the clients!"
Phil Marriott, TaxAssist, Loughborough

Why it's a good investment for you

The TaxAssist business model is well proven. Every area has a wealth of small businesses - tradesmen, retailers, professionals, manufacturers. Our target is any business with a turnover of less than £1 million. There are lots of them and they are not always well served by other accountants.

"I've just finished my 10th trading month and recruited my 100th client this week. My fee bank is climbing steadily and this is balanced nicely with clients who need immediate work."
Renee McKay, TaxAssist, Edinburgh

You can help them with payroll, bookkeeping, accountancy and tax. Very few small businesses can do these themselves - none can afford to get them wrong. Take these problems away and you have a client for the long-term.

Why TaxAssist works

We have been doing this for 16 years. We know a lot about what works - and what doesn't. With TaxAssist your new business will hit the ground running. And you can look forward to extensive practical help in the years ahead. Your initial entry fee is largely invested in training you and getting you started. We only earn when you succeed. Your business will be based around a shop. This gives you excellent visibility and a ready stream of business (40% of new clients just walk through the door). We help you find the right location and support you with all the negotiations and legalities.

"I liked the approach to market, particularly the use of shop fronts to reach out and make accountancy services more accessible and welcoming to the public...over half my new business comes from 'walk-ins'."
Jim Andrew, TaxAssist, Belfast

We provide you with six weeks intensive training at our headquarters, IT equipment and software, initial launch, sustained marketing support and technical back up.

Why now?

In a tough business climate, small businesses still need the essential services you will be offering. Now is also a good time to be looking for premises. If you need to raise finance, you will find that banks are prepared to lend for a TaxAssist franchise because they know that it is a good business model. We have excellent relationships with the franchise lending departments of all the leading UK banks.

What to do next

You can find a lot more detail on our website. Take a close look at our prospectus. It's not a glossy brochure but a serious and helpful business document. Then, if you are interested, get in touch for an extended chat with our Franchise Recruitment Team. If appropriate, we'll invite you to a Discovery Day at our headquarters where you can explore the opportunity in more detail.