TaxAssist Accountants: 'Invaluable, solid backing'

Encouraging its franchisees to open a shop-front premises within the first three years of operation, TaxAssist Accountants has developed a national brand with impact. Adam Browning reports

'I wanted to work for myself but I had never been able to identify the way to achieve it,' reveals TaxAssist Accountants franchisee David Dixon.

'This all changed when I was made redundant from my position as a financial controller for a large plc - it was the push that I needed.'

David was attracted by the TaxAssist Accountants opportunity because of the 'significant' support. 'I found it very reassuring,' he explains. 'The whole package is incredibly solid - I knew from the initial talks that the business would be perfect for me.' Launching his business in January 2003,

David has never looked back. 'TaxAssist Accountants provided me with an incredibly comprehensive training package that included a five-week course that focused on all aspects of running a business. The training taught me new approaches to accounting while reinforcing what I already knew. It gave me the confidence that I would be able to bring success to the business - refocusing my existing skills to ensure I had a full understanding of the TaxAssist Accountants model.'

With much of the training devoted to learning how to build a substantial client base, David reports that work soon started coming in when he opened his first office-based premises. 'Like any new business, it was hard work but as the work grew it became apparent that I would be able to take on employees,' recalls David. 'TaxAssist Accountants provides a great opportunity for business builders.'

TaxAssist Accountants requires all of its franchisees to open a shop-front premises within the first three years, and David reached this target in December last year (pictured above centre). 'Securing new clients has become even easier - the shop-front drives new business,' he enthuses. 'It gives my business such a visual impact that potential clients come in from the street. The shop is a fantastic marketing tool in itself - it's great in creating a national brand that will benefit the entire network.'

Although the TaxAssist Accountants business model is flexible enough to allow franchisees to take more of a managerial role if desired, David explains that there is one constant - the excellent support. 'I can't fault the guidance and advice I've received,' he states. 'TaxAssist Accountants are constantly reviewing their methods to improve the quality of their support.
In particular, their helpline is incredibly useful. I find it invaluable to the smooth running of my business. With this backing, I can see that my aim of opening another shop will be a very attainable target.'