TaxAssist Accountants: Lacking experience? use ours!

If you're determined to start a professional B2B enterprise, but feel you lack the experience, the solution is simple - use ours! TaxAssist Accountants report

Over the 10-year history of TaxAssist Accountants there has been many developments and improvements made to the support infrastructure in terms of training, technical support and, more recently, Business Development.
However, the fundamental business model has remained the same - to offer first class accounts, taxation and associated services to small business owners.

Now with nearly 40 shop-based franchises across the country, the TaxAssist Accountants brand is starting to take hold and franchisees across the country are reporting more and more walk-in trade. In December 2005 and January 2006 Mark Linney, based in Liverpool, signed up 42 new clients, worth over £19,000. 24 of these clients simply walked in through the door.

Trading from a shop-front is certainly a dynamic way of gaining visibility in your territory, but there are also several successful franchisees that operate from home and achieve equally impressive results. Mark Fordham in St Albans built a base of over 120 clients in his first year of trading, all from his home-based office. Graham Ash based in Hornchurch also built a solid business base from home, achieving a turnover of £85,000 and a client base of over 160. Graham has now moved into shop-fronted premises with a plan to expand his operation dramatically, and Mark is actively looking for the right premises - they have both seen the successes of other shop-based franchisees and they are keen to follow suit.

As our network has developed over recent years, so has there been a marked increase in the number of potential clients in our market sector. Figures from the Office of National Statistics reflect this increase and show that our services are more and more in demand. The number of self-employed has increased nearly 12 per cent in the last five years, rising from 3.26 million to over 3.64 million. Coupled with the increase in small businesses, up by over 7,300 to nearly 1.14 million, our network is ideally positioned to capitalise on these positive developments.

In order to increase our capacity to service this growing marketplace, TaxAssist Accountants is introducing a three-tier entry programme allowing new joiners to work from home, or from commercial offices or directly from shop-fronted premises. Whichever way you start you will ultimately have to operate from shop-fronted premises by the end of the third year, with a team of staff members and servicing a broad client base of small businesses.

The entry level franchise package allows you to work from home and is priced at £17,500 + VAT and includes:

  • An exclusive territory
  • Licence fee
  • IT software & maintenance package
  • Training fees
  • Subsidy for support and helpline
  • Additional initial support
  • Operations manuals (on loan)
  • Business stationery
  • Promotional material
  • Lead Generation Service
  • Yellow Pages advertising

The middle package, at £22,500 + VAT and starting from commercial offices, includes all the elements of the entry level pack with the additional benefits of:

  • A fully configured laptop
  • 25 free leads
  • Subscription to a recognised networking group
  • A more substantial stationery/marketing pack, launch support
  • The Business Acceleration Programme (enhanced business- building support & guidance)

The third entry option is a turnkey operation that includes all of the above and more. This option takes you straight to a shop-based practice and is priced from £49,500 + VAT. With this package we support you in terms of sourcing suitable premises, the refurbishment of the site to our required specification, the attraction and recruitment of suitable staff, employment legislation guidance and 12 months of branded car hire.

Whichever way you choose to join TaxAssist Accountants, you will always benefit from a dedicated support infrastructure that is there to help you achieve success. We focus on only one objective: to make the network successful, and we do not service any other clients, just you, so you can benefit from our extensive experience in this field.

You do not need to be an accountant to join TaxAssist Accountants, but you must have the determination and drive to build a successful business. If you are good with people and you want a genuine white-collar opportunity, we need to hear from you.