Change Perspective. Improve Business. Enjoy Life.

For over 20 years franchise owners with The Alternative Board have been helping our members, who are business owners like us, improve the value of their businesses and take greater control of their lives.

That’s a big claim – how do we do that?

We bring together groups of six to eight business owners on a monthly basis to use real world experiences to help each other run their businesses more effectively.

We support them with one-to-one coaching and some fantastic business tools, with the sole aim of helping our members improve their business and their life.

Over 13,000 business owners have benefitted from membership of The Alternative Board (TAB) over the last 20 years, working with franchise owners who have used TAB’s processes and tools to help them achieve their business and personal goals.

Why join our franchise owner community?

Our franchise owners enjoy

  • A good income with expansion opportunities and capital growth
  • A great work life balance, in control of their own destiny
  • Being part of their local business community, working with fellow business owners helping them to achieve even greater success
  • Excellent support from TAB from initial training and planning, through launch support and ongoing business development, from people who share their commitment to quality and service
  • A franchise community, which shares best practice and experience, and works together to maximise the potential of the TAB opportunity for franchise owners and members

Five quick facts about The Alternative Board

  • Proven business model established for 21 years
  • More than 200 franchise owners and facilitators
  • Over 3,000 business owner members on 500 boards
  • Consistent UK growth
  • Leading international provider of peer advisory and coaching support to business owners – not a networking club!