Christmas is coming PART 2

A growing industry New franchise owners join a vibrant group of like-minded individuals with a passion for delivering something special to the growing Christmas decoration market, as customers become more aware of the service offered. Nick says: “We find about 50 per cent of new customers only just became aware that such a service exists. Ten years ago, people were considered posh if they had a cleaner or a gardener. This has now become normal, and we want Christmas decoration design and installation to become a commonplace, standardised service that everyone knows exists.”

With this in mind, The Christmas Decorators offers a fantastic opportunity for prospective franchise owners; one that is only going to become more lucrative, particularly in a post-recession environment where budgets are freer. A low-cost investment of £15,000 can lead to quick returns, and with a broad client-base including hotels, spas, golf clubs, car showrooms, retail stores, bars, restaurants, offices, local authorities and shopping centres, franchise owners should never be short of business. Add to this the residential clients – ranging from wealthy owners of large properties, including stars like Wayne Rooney and director Guy Ritchie – to regular homeowners looking for a one-off exceptional festive experience.

Each Christmas Decorators branch has a tremendous opportunity to generate custom, coupled with the chance to make the season even more special than usual for appreciative customers. Nick comments: “It is so satisfying when you look at a finished job. The best thing is when you are working for a family at a residential property, they go out for the day while you work and then come back to see the end result, and you see their faces when you do the grand switch-on.”

Equally attractive is the opportunity to work from home, with no expensive office lease fees. As sales and the workload inevitably expand, franchise owners can easily accommodate stock with inexpensive storage units appropriate to their evolving needs. Additionally, the seasonal nature of the work makes it an ideal franchise for self-employed persons seeking an additional lucrative income stream in months where their own sector may be quiet: for example a gardener or window cleaner could enjoy added financial security in autumn and winter.

Franchise owners

With its proven model and as the most highly accredited business of its kind in Europe, The Christmas Decorators promises potential franchise owners solid and proven foundations from which hard work, commitment and skill will see success and financial reward follow.

In return for the many benefits, the company seeks like-minded, friendly, enthusiastic individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit, who are as passionate to drive the business forward as its owners.

Nick comments: “We are looking for driven and determined people who can present what we have to offer with honesty and passion. The opportunity suits a sales-oriented person who can use their personality, because ultimately, people buy from people. It is also important that they are in it for the long-term and have an eye for design. Of course, it also helps if they like Christmas!”

Continued innovation

As a company built on innovation, The Christmas Decorators maintains this spirit, and is always seeking new ways to improve and continue delivering new ideas and even better services to its clients.

It fosters an excellent spirit between the franchise owners, who are encouraged to network and share ideas at dedicated events. Two open ‘discovery days’ are being held in December, where people can view a showcase of some finished jobs and enjoy mince pies and mulled wine while gaining inspiration for their own displays.

Additionally, an annual conference gives owners the chance to discuss their year’s performance, and review and plan for the next year as a group. All franchise owners are encouraged to put their ideas forward, while viewing samples of new, innovative products exclusive to The Christmas Decorators.

The long-term

With the long-term contracts guaranteeing ongoing business and security, and Christmas cheer returning in full force after years of tightening our belts, there has surely never been a better time to get on board with this thriving company. Nick concludes: “One of the best things about this business is that I already know now what my 2018 turnover will be! There is one guarantee: Christmas is coming!”