Spread some Christmas spirit

We’re really excited about how The Christmas Decorators has grown over the last few years. Having successfully launched 14 of our 50 UK territories, most of who are far exceeding all sales expectations, we are now looking forward to having 20 Christmas Decorators franchise owners on board by Christmas 2011.

As of April 2011, we have recruited an average of one new operator per month and are still looking for like-minded people to join our family of Christmas Decorators. Are you enthusiastic, hard working, committed to achieving goals and think you could enjoy making a living from making other peoples’ Christmas look amazing?

Over the years, The Christmas Decorators has decorated hundreds of homes of the rich and famous, as well as many businesses who appreciate the benefits of a fabulously decorated property. These include some of the UK’s finest hotels, restaurants and shopping arcades.

A typical franchise territory consists of over 20,000 high net worth homes as well as over 5,000 businesses. If a franchise was able to achieve just 0.5 per cent of sales of the market at an average of £1,500 that would give you yearly revenues of £187,500. With our refined marketing we show you how to easily generate these revenues.

However, this isn’t a get rich scheme. Daydreamers need not apply. We’re looking for people who understand that a good solid business requires a strong foundation to build upon. The first year of this business opportunity requires a wide spectrum of learning and gaining experience which can only be properly done, hands on.

We’re proud of the fact that our current franchise owners are exceeding projected sales and even in times of recession are reporting constant growth in their business.

The words ‘recession proof’ have recently become over used, but we truly are a recession proof business!

Unique franchise investment opportunity
There is no other franchise like this in the UK.

Low cost investment
Franchise set up costs £16,500. Start up in business from as little as £6,500 + VAT.

Start your business working from home
No need for premises or expensive overheads.

Earn 12 months of income in just 3 months
Pay yourself the same in three months what other franchises of similar investment would pay in 12 months.

Fun and exciting
Earn a living from making properties look amazing for Christmas.

No hard selling
The market place is massive and this is a highly welcomed service. Its also contagious – once one property has it, everyone around also wants it.

Almost 100% customer retention
Christmas comes every year and so does the re-installation for existing customers as well as your new ones.

First class training and support
We can teach anyone how to do it, as long as they have a keen eye for what looks good.

Ongoing training and support
Lots of training throughout the year, as well as on demand support, ensures your success.