A glittering opportunity

For The Christmas Decorators, 2012 was yet another record-breaking year, both in terms of financial success and attaining new prestigious clients. Last year, 16 franchised territories turned over a combined £2 million and you couldn’t fail to the see the publicity that surrounded the lighting of the Christmas tree in Bethlehem – exposure that boosts the thriving Christmas Decorators network as a whole. The Franchise Magazine reports

When The Christmas Decorators flew out to Bethlehem last winter to decorate the world’s most festive tree, the franchise was featured on just about every news station and newspaper in the country. Other major successes included the lighting of Broadgate, which consists of a square mile of the City of London, One Hyde Park, the most expensive address in the world, several of Europe’s biggest shopping centres – and even the troops had their most festive Christmas to date, when decorations were provided to 16 NATO military bases.

This year, Gavin Webb was appointed Sales Director, a brand new position within the company that has arisen due to demand. “We are excited about bringing a sales professional into the company - it is something we have never done before,” explains Ged Comerford, Operations Director. “The market has grown so much that we thought to have an in-house sales team was the best way forward for the whole network.” Gavin was headhunted by the company and was formerly responsible for the world-renowned decorations on London’s glittering Oxford and Regent Streets.

“With a marketplace worth over £140 million a year, our turnover is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s time to do some serious business,” exclaims Gavin. While a franchise owner is responsible for generating their own business within their area, the company’s new ambitions are to see each of its operators reach £250,000 turnover by their third year. The enhancements provided by the sales department, supplementing the franchise owners’ own efforts, are expected to achieve this amply.

The Christmas Decorators are innovators in their industry. There have been Christmas decorating companies around for decades, yet no one has ever ventured into decorating for smaller scale commercial clients, as well as decorating for homeowners. “In the US, Christmas decorating is considered a third service after having a cleaner or gardener,” explains Nick Bolton, Founder and CEO. “Here in the UK, you would have been considered posh a decade ago if you had a cleaner, but nowadays it’s quite commonplace and, just like in the US, we want to let the UK public know they have our service at their disposal.” With over 20,000 homes in each franchised area that have an annual income in excess of £100,000, it is easy to see what huge potential awaits a new operator. “If just one out of 100 of these homes became a client with a spend of £1000, that would equate to £200,000,” explains Ged.

The company have also invested in their own office in the Far East, where Phil Kao oversees the manufacturing of all their products including lights, garlands, wreaths, baubles and decorations – all provided to franchise owners below wholesale prices. This year, the company has engaged a fibreglass factory to manufacture some very impressive large-scale props including nutcrackers, reindeer and a 10ft high stack of baubles.

To top it all off, 2013 has also seen the company gain the prestigious ISO9001 Quality Management Accreditation accolade as well as Contractor Plus health and safety certification. The Christmas Decorators is revolutionising its industry. Investing in a Christmas Decorators franchise, bursting with potential, may just be the best way to light up your career prospects.