Light up your life with The Christmas Decorators

Trevor Grinsted has enjoyed a phenomenal first year, including providing decorations for McDonald’s 2011 festive TV advertising campaign

Former retail Store Manager, Trevor Grinsted, was looking at investing in a franchise as a new challenge, when he discovered The Christmas Decorators last year.

After realising the huge potential it had to offer, he signed up to purchase the Essex regional territory and, a year later, it is proving to be one of the best decisions he has ever made.

Why did you choose a franchise with The Christmas Decorators?

I am highly ambitious and saw the potential in the industry and, above all, love Christmas. I am not afraid of hard work and it was made clear that I wasn’t entering a get rich quick scheme. However, when I compared what I was earning in retail in 12 months with what I could earn in three months as a The Christmas Decorators franchise owner – there was no contest.

The team at head office, along with existing franchise owners, have a passion for Christmas that spreads throughout the network – we only have to ask and help is at hand - and I am able to reciprocate fully this year by entering into The Christmas Decorators’ spirit.

What challenges did you face in your early days?

I was suddenly thrust into a new world. How many lights do I need to light a 40ft oak tree? How do I use access equipment safely and effectively without spending over the odds? It was a lot to take in. However, I am glad I joined in May, which gave me time to learn.

I couldn’t have survived without a good team, which is where my managerial experience came to the fore. One of my staff members is so impressed with the company, he has recently secured a franchise region of his own!

How has being your own boss changed your life?

I am motivated and have a great sense of achievement. Everything I do is my decision, I believe it’s the right thing to do and I have the flexibility to suit myself. Since everyone in The Christmas Decorators is their own boss and we have compatible goals, the franchise team works in a collaborative and supportive way, which is really refreshing and different from other experiences I have had in the past.

What are your plans for your business?

Last Christmas was amazing. We managed to secure a national television campaign with McDonald’s, took on 20 new clients and far exceeded my budgeted first year turnover target.

This coming Christmas we will be better prepared with a larger, fully trained team to help between 40 and 50 clients. The last year has been analysed, a steep learning curve has been taken and changes have been made so the business can be run more smoothly and with a higher profit margin.

For the other nine months, I am working with pubs and restaurants with our ‘Roof Line’ lighting project, which adds tremendous kerb appeal for these type of businesses and I also feel there will be fantastic opportunities with the upcoming Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Olympic Games and other special events such as weddings etc.