The Christmas Decorators: Light Up the UK this Christmas

An excellent opportunity to supplement your income, The Christmas Decorators could give you another reason to celebrate the season. Adam Browning reports

Bringing the spirit of Christmas to its customers, The Christmas Decorators provides a specialist, seasonal xmas decorating service to private householders and businesses. The company sources its decorations from quality suppliers, with many of its products exclusive to The Christmas Decorators. No matter what its customers desire, The Christmas Decorators will always have a decorations package suitable for their taste and budget.

Founded in 2000 by Nick and Sarah Bolton, the initial idea came from the USA, where there are several national chains providing internal and external seasonal decorating services. 'Seasonal decorating is big business in the US,' explains Nick. 'We're aiming to bring that way of thinking to the UK.'

Steadily gaining in popularity within the hospitality industry as well as among the UK's celebrity fraternity, the business is finding itself a solid customer base. Says Director of Sales Martin Coop: 'There's no doubt about it that the UK mindset is defiantly heading towards what the Americans have been doing for over a decade. This year's sales are already headed to be four times what they where last year. One restaurant chain even claimed their turnover to have increased by 40 per cent due to having made a very impressive effort on both inside and outside decoration.'

Because of the seasonal nature of the franchise, Nick believes it is most suitable for people looking for a bolt-on business, such as landscape gardeners, lawn-care specialists or roofing contractors whose quietest time of the year is Christmas. These businesses would benefit by utilising their existing customer base and established customer loyalty.

Those interested in becoming a Christmas Decorator need to act fast as commercial decisions are made between now and October in preparation for the Christmas season. 'We are looking for people who can relate to customers on all levels and maintain a high quality service,' says Nick. 'We will train franchisees on all aspects of the business including techniques for producing eye catching designs. This is a fun business for fun people that can generate fantastic revenues.'