The complete package

Drive, ambition, creativity and organisation are all traits The Christmas Decorators seeks out in a prospective franchisee. The Franchise Magazine investigates how this utterly unique franchise is helping the right franchisees earn impressive profits making a growing list of customers happy.

For many, Christmas only really begins when ‘Holidays are ‘coming’ sounds out from the television screen as digitally enhanced Coca Cola lorries roll through the UK. For The Christmas Decorators franchisees, however, the festive season never stops. Each bespoke display that franchisees design, supply and execute for a traditionally loyal client base must be thoroughly thought out and processed way before most people have even thought about what to buy their loved ones for Christmas.

Currently, the business has 20 territories taken by franchise owners who are enjoying the freedom and independence of being their own bosses, while maintaining the support and operational excellence of a truly proven business model run by experienced professionals. A significant source of revenue for The Christmas Decorators franchisees is big businesses and public-facing corporations – for example, Hilton Hotels and many large shopping centres are regular customers for The Christmas Decorators.

In addition to big businesses and SME’s, individual consumers are prime customers too – the business boasts a whole host of celebrity clients including the Prince of Qatar and football legend, Steven Gerrard. In high streets and houses across Britain, stunning decorations that are both tasteful and meticulously laid-out will have been planned, commissioned and created by a branch of the growing, The Christmas Decorators franchise, many months in advance. Franchisees in this very specific sector offer corporate and domestic festive displays for the Christmas period to really ensure it is a special time of year for every one of their customers.

This unique business model projects profit for franchise owners from year one and growing over a three-year period. Director Ged Comerford explains: “Most commercial business is organised and signed off by around March or April, occasionally agreements are reached a year or two in advance.” The planning and organisation of a bespoke display for a large commercial client takes time and provides sufficient work over 12 months for a The Christmas Decorators business owner. In an ideal The Christmas Decorators franchisee, the business looks for people who will willingly fit into the ethos of a friendly and supportive network, whereby promotion is undertaken at a national and regional level. Enthusiasm is a word synonymous with The Christmas Decorators franchisees and the truly successful members of the network enter into each job with customer-focus at the forefront of their priorities.

A keen eye for detail or an artistic flair is also a desirable trait in a The Christmas Decorators investor as clever design is an integral part of the business. The business prides itself on its honesty and transparency – the team is insistent that it is not a get rich quick scheme, but that it is a highly profitable and genuinely enjoyable business for someone who is prepared to work hard in this totally unique sector.

If you are looking for a sparklingly professional franchise to light up your career, The Christmas Decorators should feature right at the top of your Christmas list.