The festive franchise with profits to celebrate

If you are a dedicated individual with a genuine love of Christmas, this opportunity gives you the chance to earn excellent profits, enjoy a great work/life balance and have the satisfaction of making the season special for many happy clients.

The Christmas Decorators franchise is one of the most visually attractive and, by all accounts, genuinely enjoyable, franchise opportunities available throughout the UK. Successful franchise owners are required to have an eye for design or at least an interest in aesthetics and the initial (enticingly low) investment capital of £15,000.

Husband and wife team, Paul, previously a fireman, and Vicky Lally, a professional model, certainly fitted the profile when they made their investment in 2009. Vicky told the Formby Times at the time: “Paul and I both love Christmas; we’re like big kids.”

A genuine affection for the festive period is somewhat a prerequisite of this business. The pair discovered a gap in the market for The Christmas Decorators’ services when they went away to Orlando, Florida, over Christmas and were dismayed when they were unable to find anyone to decorate their villa for their arrival. Subsequently, Paul came across The Christmas Decorators while driving past the Liverpool office one day and immediately became a customer.

The couple were so impressed by the service they received that they invested in their own territory in Formby, Merseyside, and have never looked back. Since, they have built up a successful business providing decorations and displays for town councils, celebrities, businesses and many other customers across their territory, with 2014’s turnover reaching over £350,000.

The Christmas Decorators business proudly offers franchise owners the chance to make as much as they wish depending upon the scale of their own ambition, however, the earnings potential for this extraordinary franchise is certainly impressive. Franchise owners who choose to grow their business steadily, prioritising the maintenance of existing customers, rather than seeking new business constantly, can still earn as much as £65,000 profit in their third year.

Geoff Hodgson, franchise owner for the company’s Chester/The Wirral territory, invested in the brand five years ago, largely based on this earnings potential, after being informed about the opportunity by a friend. He explained that The Christmas Decorators appealed for the excellent prospect it offers to make good income in a short period, and the flexibility to grow at your own pace.

Ambitious franchise owners looking to build as big a business as possible can make over £30,000 profit in their first year alone and over £100,000 by the third year. The festive franchise has one franchise owner that accrued £213,000 turnover in their second year in business. The Christmas Decorators is an archetypal example of a business where the most industrious investors reap the highest rewards. In Christmas 2014, franchise owners new to the network saw sales exceeding £80,000, double that typically expected in year-one operations.

The Christmas Decorators’ franchise offering provides an enviable start-up package, which includes a 10-day initial training scheme, a comprehensive Operations Manual, a dedicated Franchise Manager, a local website specific to the investor and much more. The company holds the much coveted ISO9001 and ISO14001 as well as Contractor Plus and SafeContractor. The package is fully equipped to ensure that franchise owners receive everything necessary to be successful in this truly unique business, and what’s more, be successful quickly.

The opportunity has been described as “recession-proof” by owner and franchisor Nick Bolton, and with good reason. Whatever the economic situation, Christmas is one time of year where people make a real effort to push the boat out. Quality decoration service will always be required: both for individual homeowners and large clients like shopping centers and local councils.

Asked what aspect of operating the franchise he most relishes, Geoff comments: “The most rewarding thing about owning and operating this franchise is seeing clients’ reactions after you have finished installing. This, and the positive comments you regularly receive from people are the greatest aspects.”

Obviously, the busiest time of the year for franchise owners are the months leading up to Christmas, while January is spent taking the decorations down. The rest of the year leaves excellent time both for relaxation and for planning to make the following Christmas even better and find additional clients if desired.

The latter is done in the form of extensive marketing, networking, and attendance of dedicated The Christmas Decorators events, including the annual conference, where new decorations and strategy are discussed between franchise owners and head office. This continuous development enhances earnings potential each year while keeping the brand’s offering fresh. Each year, new decorations are made available, unique to franchise owners, making their offering more attractive than those of rival firms.

Making a success of this franchise requires dedication and a love for what you do, but if you have both, the proof is there in the results of current franchise owners that you will reap the benefits.

Geoff comments: “Operating a The Christmas Decorators franchise requires hard work and positive thinking, but the rewards are there, both financially, and in terms of job satisfaction.”

The bottom line is that the festive franchise offers an enviable turnover, an enjoyable lifestyle and independence from employment, growing a business at an investor’s comfortable rate. If this appeals in any way to you, call to find out how The Christmas Decorators’ franchise opportunity could light up your career.