Unwrapping a new career

Working behind a desk never appealed to Clark Bearman and was never the career path he was going to take. Here, he talks to Will Daynes about how becoming a The Christmas Decorators franchise owner allows him to make a healthy living by doing something he truly loves.

For those of you who have brothers or sisters, do you remember when you were all children in the weeks leading up to Christmas and one of said siblings just wouldn’t leave the tree and the decorations alone? No matter how often the tinsel, chocolates or lights got rearranged by you, mum or dad, little brother or sister could always be found minutes later fashioning the tree into their preferred order. Clark Bearman was one such child.

“Looking back on it now, you could say those childhood years really laid the groundwork for my love of not only Christmas but also interior design,” Clark says with a chuckle.

Career-wise, Clark’s late teens and early 20’s were spent working as a cocktail bartender, travelling the globe. It was not until he reached 26 years of age that, having met his future fiancé, Clark decided it was time to settle into a city, office-based job. The truth for Clark, as it is for many people, is that this was not the life for him.

“It was only by chance that, having spent time looking to get into the world of interior design, but struggling to do so, my fiancé suggested I investigate jobs that could incorporate my love of Christmas,” Clark explains. “Without massive expectations I happened to Google ‘Christmas decorations' one day, and one of the first results was for The Christmas Decorators.”

Clark had previously seen such a concept on a past visit to America and was suitably intrigued so as to contact the brand. Within minutes of chatting, Clark was impressed enough with what The Christmas Decorators had to offer prospective franchise owners to enquire as to how to come onboard. Today, Clark finds himself as the proud franchise owner of the brand’s Buckinghamshire office.

“One of the things that continues to impress me most about The Christmas Decorators is the support structure on offer to both new and existing franchise owners,” Clark continues. “In my first year as a franchise owner, I strived to get as much hands-on experience as possible. Meanwhile, I always had the comfort of knowing that the brand had a well-managed and maintained ‘safety net’ in place should I have any issues or questions. Now, when I look at the support structure in place for the newest franchise owners, it is even more impressive than when I joined, and it is getting better with each passing year.”

In both his first and second years as a franchise owner, Clark was able to surpass all of his financial targets, doubling turnover year-on-year. He now finds himself poised to achieve the same feat this year.

When I asked Clark what he puts this down to, he gives me a very poignant answer. “A quote that has always stuck with me states, ‘if you do something you love, you can’t help but be successful’. Given my experiences with The Christmas Decorators over the last three years, I now believe this more than ever.”