Spread some Christmas Spirit

and grow a seriously rewarding business

You won't have come across a franchise opportunity like this before! It's truly one of a kind, in an innovative new marketplace that we've created here in the UK over the last four year. It offers a fun and exciting way of earning a very good living over a few months of the year, designing and installing Christmas decorations, both indoors and outdoors to commercial and residential properties. This is a service that people are delighted to hear about and allows them to make their property look amazing for Christmas rather than having to do it themselves. It's infectious, once we've decorated a property on a road, everyone else wants it. As Christmas comes every twelve months, new customers join our expanding team of regional Christmas Decorators for a relatively small investment and as long as you have a keen eye for what looks good, we can teach anyone to do it.

We are looking for like minded people who are excited about building their own future, have great communication skills, are hard working, enthusiastic and have the determination to build a substantial business in their area. If you like Christmas, that helps too!