The Christmas Decorators

Unique franchise investment opportunity

Unique franchise investment opportunity

There is no other franchise like this in the UK.

Low cost investment

Franchise set up costs £15,000 + VAT.

Start your business working from home

No need for premises or expensive overheads.

Earn 12 months of income in just 3 months

Pay yourself the same in three months what other franchises of similar investment would pay in 12 months.

Fun and exciting

Earn a living from making properties look amazing for Christmas.

No hard selling

The market place is massive and this is a highly welcomed service. It’s also contagious – once one property has it, everyone around also wants it.

Almost 100 per cent customer retention

Christmas comes every year and so does the re-installation for existing customers as well as your new ones.

First-class training and support

We can teach anyone how to do it, as long as they have a keen eye for what looks good.

Ongoing training and support

Lots of training throughout the year, as well as on demand support, ensures your success.