Financial services professionals sought

Financial management franchise The Local Bookkeeper (TLBK) has launched its recruitment drive and is on the look out for talented franchisees who possess excellent customer service skills and have a background or qualifications in accountancy or finance. At present the company has nine signed UK franchisees and is in the process of starting its international expansion campaign with franchisees situated in North America and Ireland.

TLBK offers small to medium sized businesses a financial service at a competitive price, including traditional bookkeeping, management accounts, payroll and credit control. Marketing Director Alex King explains: 'Many small businesses only find out how well they have been performing when they receive their end of year accounts. Worryingly, this information can be anything up to 18 months out of date and it may well be far too late to make the changes needed to get the business back on track. Particularly in the current economic climate, it is vital you know what's been happening with your cash flow and costs as quickly as possible.

'All TLBK's services focus on providing the customer with what the company terms 'financial transparency.' By giving insight into the financial drivers of the business and also up-to-date management information, TLBK franchisees equip the business owner with the tools they need to make educated business decisions, not just finger in the air stuff. As you can imagine, this is particularly vital during the current credit crunch.'