The Global Travel Group: An INTEResting opportunity

The Global Travel Group expanded the horizons of Mel and Linda Bramley's travel business by introducing technology and support to advance their own offering

In October 1995 Mel and Linda Bramley launched Inter Travel in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. They both had experience in accommodation -only services, but originally they came from a teaching background.

Even with previous experience in the industry, Mel and Linda found that they needed the support of The Global Travel Group in order to reach their full capabilities. 'We invested in property abroad and were successful in renting to the public, but people would also ask us if we could organise their flights as well,' explains Mel. 'It was then that we saw the potential business opportunity.'

The opportunities available with The Global Travel Group first came to light for Mel on recommendation from a fellow businessman, and soon they became a member themselves. 'We saw the potential of the technology and this continues today with TritonSearch - a new state-of-the-art holiday search and reservation system developed by the Group. I have to say another major benefit is being part of a group. As an independent agent we thought that we would feel isolated, but we enjoy getting together with fellow members and Global staff at meetings and events, it is like being a member of a club.' 11 years on, Inter Travel is benefiting from much repeat business and owns its own successful accommodation-only company, Homes Abroad Direct, which is also a preferred supplier of the Group.

'Each business complements the other as it allows us to dynamic package for our clients. We have received massive support from head office with our venture - from general advice, help building our business, and recently becoming a supplier for the Group's accommodation-only supplier TritonRooms.'

As a successful agent and tour operator Mel advises new members to speak to as many current members as possible. 'You don't need to feel alone. The Group will help you go as far as you want to go and provide you with all the support you need, but remember that the other members will help you too and it is great to speak to like-minded people.'