The Global Travel Group: Make Travel Your Business

Combining independence with a national brand, The Global Travel Group offers a route into the lucrative and enjoyable world of travel. Charlotte Urwin talks to Managing Director Rod Bromiley

There are few more exciting industries than travel,' reflects Global Travel Group Managing Director Rod Bromiley.

'Being involved in organising trips to every corner of the globe is both stimulating and rewarding, and there are opportunities for personal travel at reduced rates too.'

Achieving the right level of financial return on your investment is also vital. 'Travel has always been in demand and with more leisure time becoming available, the future of our industry is secure,' Rod explains. 'The travel industry has shown steady growth over the last 20 years and tends to demonstrate minimal ill-effects in times of recession. With Global Travel you have no stock to purchase and receive payments from customers before you need to pay suppliers. Your travel business is therefore less likely to suffer from the cash flow problems that are common to many other businesses.'

Global Travel has over 500 independent travel agents in its membership. As a result the company has the buying power to negotiate competitive prices and high commissions, as well as the ability to arrange exclusive offers with the majority of tour operators and airlines.
'Part of our competitive strength comes from our position as independent agents,' expands Rod. 'While the main agency chains in the UK will tend to recommend holidays from their own company brochures, Global Travel agents can offer their clients holidays from over 400 suppliers, allowing for more impartial and competitive advice.

'We also cater for business travellers and offer a comprehensive range of ancillary services, such as travel insurance, car hire, attraction tickets, hotel bookings and airport parking. These products allow us to provide a complete service to our clients and have the added bonus of increasing our profit per transaction.'

Global Travel has continuously developed its award-winning software to provide members and their clients with access to a wealth of travel information. This includes the recently introduced 'Dynamic Packaging' system, which uses web-based technology to allow clients to build tailor-made holidays.
Supplementary to this is a comprehensive package of training and support, designed to ensure that new members are equipped to make full use of the tools available to them. 'All new members are supported with a structured 12-week induction programme, which includes self-study modules as well as a residential training course,' explains Rod. 'Ongoing support is on hand via our 200 strong head office team, in departments such as Marketing, Business Development, Global Airfares, Accounts and IT.

'The modern travel market is very diverse and offers a world of opportunity. With Global Travel you can choose how you want to reach your customers, whether that's through a high street retail store or a call centre - meaning you can operate your business from a home or office base. You can also operate as an online agency.

'Whether you're dealing with the regular family summer holiday or in specialised markets such as weddings and honeymoons, golfing trips, adventure holidays or group travel, Global membership will provide the products, the price and the necessary training and support to make your business a success.'