On the path to success!

With no previous travel industry experience, Geoff Taylor has built a successful travel agency with The Global Travel Group. The company reports

Geoff Taylor opened Global Travel Worldwide in 2001 when he retired after many years as an estate agent. He decided to join The Global Travel Group after seeing a newspaper advertisement. 'I thought it was a good system as there are no accounts to deal with and the back office was sorted,' he says. 'I thought it would be an excellent move as the Group is so technologically advanced - their systems are fantastic.'

Although Geoff had no experience in the travel industry, that did not pose a problem. 'The training Global provided was very effective and taught me everything I needed to know to get my business off the ground and on the path to success,' explains Geoff. 'The ongoing marketing support regularly supplied by the Marketing Department, including posters and emails, is of great quality and really useful when launching new campaigns.'

Business is booming at Global Travel Worldwide and Geoff has now doubled his sales team to four members of staff since he opened five years ago. 60 per cent of the agency's business is actually from repeat customers and Geoff is sure this loyalty is down to his team of staff. 'They're brilliant and know exactly what they're doing,' he confirms.

While Geoff appreciates all regular custom, he tries to encourage potential new customers by advertising on the internet. 'We get a great deal of business from bookings made online,' Geoff reveals. 'Five years ago we didn't have this facility but now we need to keep with the flow of the industry and it is working really well.'

Global Travel Worldwide sells a wide range of holidays to accommodate everyone. Says Geoff: 'We sell everything from cruises to package holidays, however Caribbean holidays are selling particularly well on the website.'

When asked the key to his success, Geoff has one clear answer: 'It isn't essential to have experience in the travel industry to become a member of Global, you just need to know business and have good staff that know what they're doing!'