Tap into a huge & emerging opportunity

After fours years of successful trading in Cambridgeshire, the internet marketing company has finetuned its business concept for national expansion via franchising.

With a track record of helping small and start-up businesses cost effectively market themselves online, the internet marketing company (tIMC) is launching a franchise opportunity which will enable individuals with a sales and marketing background to build a serious business-to-business client base encompassing both immediate revenue and an annuity-based sales model.

Launched in 2003 by experienced marketing professional Bill Bateson, tIMC's service makes the techniques of internet marketing available to even the smallest business, and the company is now seeking to build a national network of franchisees to deliver its cost effective internet marketing solutions.

'Internet marketing is the fastest growing form of marketing - growing at a rate of over 40 per cent per annum,' says Bill. 'Exceeding the spend on national press, it currently represents over £2.5 billion, or nearly 15 per cent of all marketing spend by UK businesses and is set to become the top way for businesses to market themselves within a few years.

"There are over 1.8 million small businesses in the UK and even though they represent a massive proportion of the UK economy, it can be very difficult for large organisations to reach them. This is because the cost of sale is high and out of the reach for a mid to large growing business. The result is that there are very few companies serving this market - tIMC is ideally placed to tap into this huge and emerging opportunity.'

The head office owned pilot operation has evolved and redefined tIMC's business concept, with the company concentrating entirely on targeting small businesses with typically up to five employees, and the client base has grown rapidly. 'One of the biggest barriers to any marketing investment for a small business is the price,' reflects Bill.

'That's why we have built our service around delivering superb results at a very low cost. Another barrier is fear and uncertainty of the unknown - that is where our franchisees will come in, de-mystifying the internet and showing our clients how to spend their marketing budget more effectively, thereby helping them to build a more profitable business.

'By providing affordable internet marketing solutions for small businesses we have carved out a niche in a rapidly growing market. Our sales model is based on a single one-off set up charge and then moves onto a monthly annuity model including website hosting, optimisation and support, which allows franchisees to build up a large regular monthly income.'

In addition to its own skills and experience, tIMC is backed up by major product suppliers in the UK, USA and India, creating a strong platform to expand geographically. These relationships ensure that tIMC is able to handle the widest possible range of projects as well as providing a rapid escalation path for problems encountered by franchisees or end-users.

For example, their website platform is a powerful and mature system that is used by over 58,000 businesses worldwide. tIMC's franchise package includes the rights to distribute its services at highly competitive buy prices to ensure high margins for the franchisee, including its advanced services covering website design, hosting and support plus search engine optimisation.

'After spending more than four years developing the internet marketing company brand locally, we are now expanding our service nationwide,' says Bill. We are looking to form franchise partnerships with dedicated professionals who believe in tIMC's concept and want to have a stake in their own future.'

tIMC franchisees will develop their businesses, recruit and train quality staff, maintain high professional standards and maximise the tIMC opportunity in their territories. tIMC will provide the technical backup to ensure franchisees can focus their efforts on sales and delivering excellent customer service. 'From sales and marketing to training and customer service skills, we will provide you with a complete turnkey package to ensure that you can get started quickly and begin building your business,' reveals Bill. 'Our comprehensive support system includes everything you need to get going, including franchise business manuals, ongoing training, stationery and corporate image items, and professional marketing and PR support.

'Our proactive marketing approach includes winning appointments for franchisees and their sales staff to help them hit their targets, and we provide additional business coaching if required to ensure that everyone is focused on the same goals and operating at maximum efficiency. The strong training and support means that you don't need to be a web expert to be a tIMC franchisee - we are seeking individuals who come from a strong sales or marketing background, are computer literate, have good management skills and are willing to learn.'

Reported by Stuart Anderson