Top 10 tips for helping you build a Success Mindset

Author and motivational speaker Richard Denny provides some advice about how to succeed in business.

All highly successful people, whether in business, sports or entertainment, share certain characteristics and behaviours.

Franchise owners are no exception and they can easily build the success mindset, which has been demonstrated by business leaders from Richard Branson to those appearing in BBC2's Dragon's Den.

Below are 10 key areas in which you can help yourself become a successful franchise owner:

1 Expect the best. Build your success attitude with a positive attitude! Expect each day to be wonderful. It's amazing how, with a mindset expecting good, the interruptions to your enjoyment become less and less.

2 Make it a habit to be positive. Some habits take a while to cultivate and transform into subconscious automatic behaviour. Focussing on keeping a positive mindset will, after only 21 days, become habitual.

3 Use repetition. Athletes build muscle by continual repetition. In a similar way, we need to continually send the right messages to the brain. 10 repetitions of a thought will create the foundation on which the skyscraper of positive thoughts, actions and outcomes will stand.

4 Smile. It is much more difficult to have negative thoughts when smiling. Also, when you smile, the muscles in your face relax, changing the way you sound for the better. For example, when people 'hear' you smile on the phone, they will react to you in a more positive way. This reinforces your feeling of success, making you smile, and so you create a virtuous circle.

5 Try not to burden others. Despite enormous pain or difficulty of any kind, some people remain positive and avoid burdening others with their problems. They demonstrate a success attitude and are a joy to spend time with. Emulating them builds self-discipline, self-esteem, and a positive mindset.

6 Plan doing something positive each day. Positive actions equal positive results. By planning and doing something positive each day you will progress towards your goals. Nothing is quite as motivational as seeing ourselves progress.

7 Be honest. By being honest with yourself and with other people, you will become more self-assured and more confident. Honesty with yourself enables you to know where you are and what you believe. Honesty with others enables them to know where both you and they stand.

8 Discard negative thoughts. When you take photographs, you discard those that are out of focus or badly lit and keep the quality images. Your mind is more valuable than any photo album, and so should be treated in the same way. Cast out the negative images in your mind and replace them with positive ones.

9 Always think of problems as challenges. Use the word 'challenge' rather than 'problem'. Interestingly, your mind positively embraces a challenge, whereas a 'problem' is a de-motivator. In Chinese, the words 'wei-chi' literally translated mean "crisis" and 'danger'. But the same characters together also mean 'opportunity'. Train your mind to be positive by always using positive terminology.

10 Protect your mind from negative influences. Be aware of the effect on your mind of reading negative news. Our minds were not made to withstand the daily assault of bad news from around the world. The news media work to a rule of "if it bleeds it leads". That is a good way to sell newspapers, and reading them is a good way to create a negative mindset. To create a success mindset, do the opposite. Read positive material every day. If you watch TV, avoid the negativity of soaps and reality shows that showcase the worst of human behaviour. Spend time with positive people every day.

We tend to be as successful as our circle of friends. To have a success mindset, make sure you have successful friends to talk to.

Richard adds that one of the greatest benefits of being a franchise owner is in being able to leave many of the challenges of building a business to the franchisor.

"By having a ready-made system to work to, by being able set realistic goals from day one, and by having expertise to draw-upon, it is possible to focus on the positive. And by focussing on the positive day in and day out we inevitably create a success mindset," he concludes.