Succeed for yourself

Motivation is a commodity that the best entrepreneurs have in abundance and combined with self–belief, it can propel the most unlikely of candidates to the forefront of corporate activity. Richard Denny gives readers of The Franchise Magazine exclusive insight into maintaining motivation and using it to your advantage in franchising.

I have been working with franchise owners for some thirty years and I can categorically state that the difference between the outstandingly successful businesses and the also-rans has little or nothing to do with the business, the product, the service, the territory, the fees and the training, but everything to do with attitude and motivation. The source of this subject lies within our most valuable asset that we all have.

The majority of franchise owners come out of the so-called security of employment into running their own business and being their own boss. This happens normally after a number of years working for somebody else. Being one’s own boss is a massively different experience requiring many lifetime skills of self-management and self-motivation.

In truth, not enough Franchisors train and help their new franchise owners in this vitally important area of success attainment. Here are just a few tips towards succeeding for yourself and the subject of self motivation.

Banish Negative Thought Negative thought is habitual for many people and is fundamentally toxic to the success of a business. People often begin with excuses to justify a poor result – we have all heard: ‘It’s not my fault’ or ‘I’m never in the right place at the right time’.

Negativity is incredibly strong and creates results that people don’t want. We all meet the people who are brilliant at criticising others but in reality achieve very little themselves – it is often those people who verbally criticise others that suffer themselves through lack of confidence and self belief.

Set Real Goals In order for your brain to operate effectively it must have direction and only you can provide that. The purpose of being in business for yourself is for the business to provide the root to goal achievement. Many people are fearful of actually setting some goals because they have spent so much of their life in negative thought in criticising, condemning or complaining. It’s very hard for them to break out into actually believing that they can achieve what they really want – and I mean really want – and there is a difference here between what it would be nice to have and want one actually does want.

Manage your thoughts Try to think and talk about exactly what it is you want. Many people spend far too much time in meetings talking about how something won’t work instead of concentrating on how it will.

Be enthusiastic Enthusiasm is so infectious; people like to be with people who are enthusiastic. It inspires us into action, it is contagious and attracts like-minded people – enthusiasm is an outward expression of our state of mind.

Appreciate and enjoy every day As I go through life I learn something new every day. In the past few years one aspect that has had such an amazing influence on my own peace of mind is to learn the importance of a appreciation. Just learn to say thank-you to a colleague, a friend, a partner or just out loud at the end of a day, you will be astounded by the effect it has on that person.