260 new franchisees in just one year

The Best Of is a community website franchise that is taking on the big-boys of the internet...and winning. Managing Director Nigel Botterill reports

Launched just over 12 months ago the thebestof.co.uk is regularly ranked in the top the 35 most popular websites in the UK (source: Alexa.com) and with more than 260 franchisees right across the country it has become the fastest growing franchise - ever!

The head office team of 32 staff provides dedicated training and support to the nationwide network. We're geared up to help every one of our franchisees achieve success, and so far most franchisees are recouping their investment in less than six months.

'It's a tremendous business,' explains Fiona Crosland, franchisee for Huddersfield. 'Think of it as a 21st century cross between the Parish magazine and Yellow Pages! Businesses love it because it's such good value and we are able to measurably drive more customers to them, and residents in the town realise that the quality and depth of information available to them is second to none. There's simply nothing else out there like this - and with usage of the internet growing so fast it's great to be in there building my business in such an expanding market.' Lee Morris, franchisee for Redditch in Worcestershire, was previously a Prison Officer and has just bought his second franchise. 'For me, the big attraction was the ability to build a serious business on my terms,' he explains. 'I can choose my hours, and the contacts and relationships I am building with my customers - who are all based in my local area - are really important to me. I've got a much more balanced life now than ever before - and I'm earning more as well.'

It's certainly true that local businesses are rapidly catching on to the benefits of thebestof.co.uk. and this makes getting new customers much easier. 'I genuinely look forward to the phone ringing as it is always good news,' says Carole Aldred, franchisee for Bolton who has signed up more than 300 businesses since she started last September. 'The income levels are seriously high in this business.' In Barnet, franchisee David Kallin has had some interesting conversations with customers: 'I've had a customer tell me that my product offers 10 times the value for less than half the price of my competitors. It's that sort of feedback that makes you realise the huge opportunity here. It really is phenomenal.'

Just in case you're worried about all the technology, although this is a web-based business you don't need any technical knowledge at all. Everything has been designed so that as long as you can use email and type a letter in Word you can run and operate the site.

To find out more about this amazing franchise opportunity and why it works so well, please register you interest now!