Probably the best franchise in the UK today

Making local life better for everyone in the community!

thebestof might not be the most well-known franchise in the country, but with a seven year track record and more than 250 UK franchises, it’s certainly one of the most successful. After it was launched in 2005 (by Yorkshire born entrepreneur Nigel Botterill, above) thebestof quickly became the fastest growing franchise in the UK. Over the last few years the franchise has shown no sign of losing pace: thebestof continues to go from strength to strength, with Nigel and his team amassing a cupboard full of awards along the way.

You won’t find many franchisors offering any kind of earnings guarantee

but with Nigel’s track record of success, it comes as little surprise that he’s one of the few that do. Every new franchisee joining thebestof is guaranteed two things: The first guaranteeis that they’ll recover every penny they invest on the franchise – in profit – within 18 months. Secondly, they’ll be running a business that’s generating at least £3,000 of monthly profit by the end of their first year.

This cast-iron guarantee just helps to underline the confidence that Nigel has in his team and thebestof business to really deliver for franchisees. Full details of the guarantee, including conditions, are available on requestor at the website

£150,000 per annum by year two is "really achievable"

thebestof franchisees come from all sorts of backgrounds; some leave employment, others have ran franchises before, like Simon Jones (pictured below) who now runs thebestof Colchester. Simon previously owned a McDonald’s franchise with two restaurants, 160 members of staff and thousands of pounds of stock.

But this particular time, Simon was looking for a business with what he describes as, and he bought thebestof Colchester in March 2012. “What I liked about thebestof is that it is so low maintenance,” he explains.

“There are three big reasons I chose thebestof over all other unlimited earnings and that I’m helping people.”

After just six months, Simon’s franchise was paying him £2,500 a month, and he’s aiming to earn £150,000 a year by the end of year two, telling us that this is, “really achievable”.

Connecting local people and businesses

With thebestof, a franchisee becomes part of the community and works to connect local people and the businesses and organisations that serve them. The aim is to make life better for everyone. Because of the nature of the business, it’s a huge help if franchisees are genuinely passionate about their local community.

Because he offers a £3,000 per month profit guarantee, Nigel is extremely choosy about who he accepts as a franchisee – it’s a people business after all.

After seven strong years, thebestof team know well the characteristics required to become a successful franchisee. thebestof’s application process may be rigorous, but new franchisees don’t necessarily need sales experience or technical skills. Nigel assures us that as long as they can use a computer and send an email, that’s all they need.

What matters most is that each new franchisee is a proper people person. If you’re bright and switched on, unintimidated by hard work to get started and you’re passionate about making a positive difference to your community, then thebestof could be the perfect opportunity for you.