We guarantee your success

That’s right, a 100 per cent money-back guarantee if you don’t get £30,000 profits after just 18 months!

7 reasons why you should consider investing in a Time For You domestic cleaning franchise:

  1. Work from home! No more commuting.
  2. No staff worries! You keep all your profits.
  3. No invoicing to do! Makes life simpler.
  4. No stock to carry! No money tied up.
  5. Clients pay you in advance! No cash flow concerns.
  6. Simple to run business! For an easier work/life balance.
  7. Massive potential earnings! It’s up to you to determine your future income.

If you’re looking for a solid reliable and guaranteed franchise that really does work, it will pay to look at Time For You. You will be amazed at the low start-up costs, enabling you to get a business up and running quickly and profitably!

Franchise owners stories

Sam and Emma Stawarz (pictured top) started their Milton Keynes Time For You franchise in 2010. They now have more than 200 clients and 150 cleaners on their database.

Prior to investing in Time For You Milton Keynes with her husband, Emma worked as a barmaid, but was not enjoying having to work long hours for little return.

“Owning my own Time For You business has changed my life for the better. As a barmaid I didn’t earn more than the minimum wage, I was constantly on my feet and I worked very unsociable hours,” she explains. “With Time For You I work from home, I don’t have to do any of the cleaning myself, yet I still get to speak to my clients.

“You do have to put in the hours to make the business a success, but the support and guidance that company founder Freddie Rayner gives us is invaluable. It really got us off to the best start possible.

“Now my husband and I can spend time together in the evenings and we can be more flexible in our working hours. If either of us needs to take a day off for any reason we don’t have to worry, the business will run itself without problems.”
Sam & Emma Stawarz, Milton Keynes

Father and daughter team David Egmore and Julie Goodall have proved Time For You is a simple franchise that amply rewards its franchise owners for the work they put in.

Since launching in February 2006, they now have more than 350 clients and use 150 cleaners in their franchise area of Bury St Edmunds. They love the business model and the fact that they can work from home.

Julie said Time For You stood out from day one, adding: “We looked at a lot of franchises – not just in domestic cleaning – and Time For You was perfect. You work the hours that suit you, which is ideal when you have a family, and you get as much back as you put in.

“Yes it has been a steep learning curve. I have never run a business for myself before, only for other people, but the system is there, the support is there, and if you follow it, it works.”

Julie puts the secret of their business down to getting the basics right, day in, day out.

“We always answer the phone and return calls promptly,” she says. “If we get a new client enquiry, we go to see them at their convenience and carefully match them to the right cleaner. We know what people want from a domestic cleaner in their home and make them feel at ease with us.

“None of this is particularly difficult, it’s what head office teaches us to create a successful franchise. We followed the system to the letter from day one, and before we knew it we had 350 clients and as much work as we can handle.”
Julie Goodall & David Egmore, Bury St Edmunds

While working as a Police Officer seven years ago, Ann Brebner (pictured right with Claire) decided that she wanted a better work/life balance. As her job demanded long working hours, Ann wasn’t seeing as much of her family as she wished, so she started to look into options that would allow her to be her own boss.

She realised that becoming a franchise owner met this criteria, and one business opportunity stood out – Time For You.

Ann says: “The reason I ended up investing in my own Time For You franchise was because it has a good business model that was very easy to implement.”

Claire Elliot was working voluntarily as a mechanical engineer and realised that she wasn’t going to be offered a full-time position. While taking her next career step into consideration, Claire spoke to Ann about the many benefits being a Time For You franchise owner offered.

The opportunity to become part of a flexible and rewarding venture was more than enough to persuade her to join forces with Ann.

Nearly seven years later, Ann and Claire have 290 regular clients and more than 100 cleaners registered with their business, while enjoying annual profits of £125,000. Ann has found that Freddie Rayner has been really supportive throughout her years as a franchise owner and says that everything has been “surprisingly easy”.

She is adamant that she made the right decision in investing in a Time For You franchise and hasn’t looked back since.

According to Claire, anybody considering becoming a franchise owner should “give it a go”. Her university education has helped her with the business side of the franchise and the support from Ann has been priceless.

“Joining a franchise is something that I never thought I’d do but I’d jump at the opportunity to do it all over again,” says Claire.

“The best thing about being a Time For You franchise owner is that it has given me so much more flexibility in my working life, meaning my family and I are benefiting from the increased spare time I have with them.”
Ann Brebner & Claire Elliot, Northampton