Sam and Emma Stawarz – Milton Keynes

Sam and Emma Stawarz (pictured top) started their Milton Keynes Time For You franchise in 2010. They now have more than 200 clients and 150 cleaners on their database.

Prior to investing in the Time For You Milton Keynes with her husband, Emma worked as a barmaid, but was not enjoying having to work long hours for little return.

“Owning my own Time For You business has changed my life for the better. As a barmaid I didn’t earn more than the minimum wage, I was constantly on my feet and I worked very unsociable hours,” she explains. “With Time For You I work from home, I don’t have to do any of the cleaning myself, yet I still get to speak to my clients.

“You do have to put in the hours to make the business a success, but the support and guidance that Freddie Rayner gives us is invaluable. It really got us off to the best start possible.

“Now my husband and I can spend time together in the evenings and we can be more flexible in our working hours. If either of us needs to take a day off for any reason we don’t have to worry, the business will run itself without problems.”

Ian and Amanda Thompson – Buckinghamshire

Ian Thompson and his wife Amanda (pictured right) bought Time For You Buckinghamshire in October 2010, after Ian was made redundant from his job.

He had been working with a company for more than 30 years when his department was relocated and, not wanting to uproot his family, Ian took the redundancy package he was offered.

He considered starting his own business, using the redundancy payment as an investment, but given the economic climate it seemed too risky. Instead he looked into franchising as an alternative.

After researching several different sectors, Ian decided he needed something that had unlimited earning potential – being a man in a van meant that he could only take on so many jobs each day. He decided on a cleaning franchise because it was a stable sector and he found that Time For You had a great track record.

Ian says: “The thing I really liked about Time For You was the fact that Freddie Rayner encouraged me to speak to some of his franchise owners. Obviously, he would promote the benefits of the business to me because he was trying to sell it, but his franchise owners weren’t selling the brand to me, they were just being honest about their experience with the company.

“This confirmed that the business model was a good one because franchise owners were getting great results. I would advise anyone thinking of buying a franchise to speak to the franchise owners before they commit to anything, it is really helpful.”

Ian and Amanda have since gone on to buy a second franchise area and they now have more than 200 clients across both areas. They plan to keep growing both businesses and feel that with the support they get from Freddie, they will reach all of their goals.