Today we cleaned 17 homes YET never left our house!

Imagine owning your own domestic cleaning franchise, earning around £65,000 per year profit and never doing any cleaning yourself!

And you can work from home at times that suit your children, lifestyle or other commitments.

AT LAST, a real business that works and you can be really proud to own!

Our domestic cleaning franchise system is the longest established in the UK, and is easily the most successful across the UK and Ireland.

Here are the nine crucial reasons why you should consider investing in a Time For You domestic cleaning franchise.

1. No cleaning done by you ever!...   This is a Management Franchise

2. Work from home!   No more commuting

3. No staff worries   You keep all of your profits!

4. No invoicing to do!   Makes life simpler!

5. No stock required   No dead money!

6. Clients pay in advance   No cash flow concerns

7. Simple to run business!   For an easier work/life balance

8. Massive potential earnings!   It's up to YOU to determine your income!

9. We GUARANTEE YOU success!   100% of your money back

Our goal is to do everything we can help you create and maintain a successful domestic cleaning business of your own, working from home, with hours that suit you and your family commitments.

Being your own boss, and earning what you're really worth, without ever doing any cleaning yourself!

94% of your Franchisees re-sign for a further 5 year term!

Featured on BBC2's Working Lunch.

Winner of HSBC Bank 'Business of the Year'.