Tongue Tied: 'A great investment'

With an impressive client list, Tongue Tied is offering a support-driven franchise opportunity. Adam Browning reports

Employing a team of over 4,000 specialist translators, Tongue Tied's enviable blue chip client base includes such renowned names as American Express, IBM, The Body shop and Air Miles. With a growing portfolio of business services, Tongue Tied is securing its place as one of the most successful translating and interpreting service providers.

While many companies provide only a limited number of languages, or are not able to provide technical interpreters, Tongue Tied offers a wide range of services including: translation, typesetting, interpreting including short-term placements, conference organisation and full desktop publishing and print services, recently adding a brochure and marketing design division to this portfolio.

'The UK market for outsourced translations is growing,' states co-founder John Shouler. 'Our seven offices around the UK have won contracts with over 500 clients. 'This is a home-based business with good profit margins and low overheads. Operating within the proven Tongue Tied business model, company projections indicate a first year turnover of £70,000.'

As franchisee for East Anglia, Janet Davison realised the potential of Tongue Tied the minute she discovered the business. 'In actual fact,' she reveals, 'I originally had no intention of looking for a franchise. However, when I came across Tongue Tied on the internet and learned of the opportunities it was offering, I decided to research the business and talk with existing franchisees.'

Having previously run a small business selling language learning software, Janet saw Tongue Tied as a natural progression for herself. 'The opportunity really appealed,' she recalls. 'I could see that it was a sensible investment, so I decided to go for it.'

With access to Tongue Tied's vast operating knowledge, Janet was immediately able to see the benefits of the franchise. 'As Tongue Tied deal with the supply side of the operation, it enables me to concentrate on developing my business and expanding my customer base. From day one I could go out and know that I was selling a quality service.'

As a Tongue Tied franchise is based upon sales and marketing, there is no need to possess any foreign language skills making it an ideal opportunity for business builders seeking to invest in a white-collar franchise.

Tongue Tied provides franchisees with three days of training in sales, marketing, keeping financial records and using the computer system as well as maintaining a level of quality ongoing support. This training and support has given Janet 'a great insight into how the translation interpreting industry works and how to generate business from this,' and has let her build a steady client base that includes both big and small companies as well as many private individuals.

'This franchise has proved a great investment,' Janet enthuses. 'With the expertise and level of support that Tongue Tied provides me with, I have been able to start up a business that within two years has developed to a successful level. I am very enthusiastic about the forthcoming year.'