Transform your franchise

Annette Du Bois reveals the new way to market your business and create powerful positioning of your franchise

Would it be taboo to mention ‘selling’ in the same sentence as ‘franchise’? While a franchise isn’t ‘sold’ as such, elements of selling still occur. This happens throughout all processes of your opportunity and business industry but there is a new type of selling that is very different.

Relationship selling…shifts the focus to the ongoing relationship rather than just the immediate sale.

Customer Service Excellence – Do you remember a few years ago just about every company used this phrase? It became slightly clichéd to the point where customers began to doubt it was anymore than lip service. Well relationship selling goes far beyond just giving customers the level of service they expect from parting with their money.

Consider this – whenever someone pays for something, they feel they are giving a part of themselves away! Traditionally, the sale of a product or service was the ultimate goal. Now, it’s even more important to build the trust and credibility that develops lasting and profitable relationships.

Twice the effort

As a franchisor you have more to juggle than the average business owner. Not only do you have to market, operate and control your business day-to-day, you also must concentrate on growing your franchise – and that’s how relationship selling can really benefit both sides of what you’re looking to achieve.

To explain further, because more and more business owners recognise the benefits of franchising their business, competition is gaining rapid strength. For instance, a few years ago there were hardly any Beauty franchises, now there’s everything from teeth whitening to lash extensions.

One of the best ways to ensure your opportunity shines brightest is ‘alignment’, the cybernetic loop of business. Simply put, what benefits one, benefits the other.

Behaviour breeds behaviour

Adopting relationship selling in your core business creates a powerful message that you understand and truly value your customers. This is something that can resonate strongly with a prospective franchise owner and likely aligns with their core values too.

Importantly it creates a sustainable and ethical company ethos clearly communicating… ‘this is the way we do business!’... but congruency will always prevail.

There’s no doubt change has arrived and for any business to prosper it must adapt. The same is true both in marketing and operating your franchise. When considering your opportunity people will analyse how it aligns with their aspirations, how the business adds value to customers and how it serves both them and customers long term.


What’s fast becoming more important for customers than brand appeal is transparency. Consumers are more choosey than ever and opt for spending their money with companies who are totally honest, open and ethical in the way they operate, communicate and do business. Hence the need for congruency!

The same is true when it comes to marketing your franchise – think about the ways you can be more open providing clarity for people. Old thinking concentrates on the ‘upside’, just the benefits of a franchise. New thinking also sets honest expectations of the whole operation such as return on investment, effort to reward ratio and other ‘real’ aspects of day-to-day operations.

The cybernetic loop of aligning your business as the solution provider that adds value to customers and serves them on a deeper level also creates powerful positioning for your franchise.

Written by Annette Du Bois, Franchise Copywriter