Ones to watch in 2014

The UK’s franchise sector continues to grow year on year and with a turnover of over £13.7 billion and an enormous 930 franchise systems in operation, according to the 2013 NatWest bfa Franchise Survey, there is no question that franchising has and will continue to be a significant influence on the UK economy and a leader for business expansion.

Here, in my opinion, are the four areas of franchising that I feel could lead any potential investor to great success in 2014. Jamie Brown continues


Food franchises are without a doubt the dominating force in franchising for brand visibility. This is not going to change in 2014 – this is hardly surprising as some of the oldest and biggest franchises in the world are in this sector, such as McDonald’s, Subway and Pizza Hut to name just a few. The big hitters like sandwiches, burgers and pizza are still going strong and, probably, always will. However with a more health conscious society there is plenty of chances for smaller franchises to make their impact. The frozen yogurt industry, which was once seen as a fad a couple of years ago, will continue to expand its presence this year.


Our demand for a healthy lifestyle doesn’t just start in the kitchen. As we become more health conscious, the demand for these types of franchise opportunities will become even greater. This, tied in with relatively small start-up costs, has seen the industry grow in size as well as respectability. Be on the look out for a number of well-run franchise opportunities in the health and fitness sector in the next 12 months. In particular, sásta, which has taken Ireland by storm with its revolutionary weight loss ‘Pods’, which combine the traditional running machine with new vacuum technology.


Parents will always try and give their children the best opportunities in life and this fact is no more evident than in children-based franchises. These amazing opportunities have given children the chance to play, learn, act, sing and dance to name just a few. Brands like LIPA4:19 give you the chance to be part of respected and admired performing arts institution and even offer you the prospect of performing yourself.


One of the UK’s most successful franchises, CeX, the used electronics specialists have already shown over the last 10 years just how in-demand this sector can be as they have grown to more than 200 stores alone in the UK. Our demand for gadgets, phones, tablets and basically anything electrical is so great that I am sure we will see a rise in the number of electronic based franchises. This will not just be in the sales department but in the repairs, accessories and even the software side.