The Grass is Greener with a TruGreen Franchise

With over three million customers in the USA alone, TruGreen positions itself as by far the largest lawn care company worldwide. Adam Browning reports

TruGreen, as part of the ServiceMaster Group, has been providing lawn care solutions in the USA for over 30 years and is looking to expand its proven concept into the relatively untapped markets of the UK. With over 60 franchise territories sold since its highly successful launch in 2003, TruGreen is becoming the leading name in its field.

The TruGreen opportunity allows business builders to offer their customers a wide and varied range of services aimed at the improvement and maintenance of lawns, as Sales Director Ken Dennis explains: 'Our methods are well proven and successful. They produce high levels of satisfaction and an exceptional number of customer referrals. There is a huge potential market with regular repeat business, much of which is on an all-year-round basis. Most importantly, TruGreen is a management franchise which can be grown from an initial owner-operator business into an area that will support five vehicles.'

The phenomenal success of TruGreen in the USA caught the attention of Alan Taw, one of the first UK franchisees. 'It is very much a household name in States,' he says. 'I could see the potential in the UK would be huge.'

With a background in management, marketing and sales, Alan was looking for a business that would let him have greater control of his time. Recognising a business format that had been tried and tested, Alan saw that TruGreen was the opportunity for him.

Running his franchise at a management level, Alan has spent the last 18 months building his business to the point where he now runs two vans and is looking to get a third within a year. However, Alan reveals: 'TruGreen franchisees can come from a variety of backgrounds as they are provided with a level of training that deals with both the technical aspects of lawn care as well as how to manage and market your business. This is aided by further support from the superb network of franchisees, who are all willing to help and impart advice to each other through a mentoring system.'

With the possibility of its USA success being emulated in the UK, Alan predicts: 'TruGreen will have national coverage within the next couple of years and, from this, the company will develop as a trusted and well-known brand. It's a good opportunity that I find very rewarding. Although I manage the business, I have to say that I do enjoy getting outside, treating people's lawns myself. I find TruGreen a great chance to spend part of my week outside, working hands-on in the great outdoors.'