TruGreen: 'Enjoy working outdoors? Lets talk business'

With over three million customers in the USA alone, TruGreen positions itself as by far the largest lawn care company worldwide. Adam Browning reports

TruGreen is well on its way to becoming the leading name in the UK lawn care market with over 50 franchise territories sold after a highly successful launch during 2003 and 2004.

TruGreen franchisees provide a range of lawn care services to both domestic and commercial clients, including 'weed and feed', scarification, aeration, hard surface weed control and professional pruning.

'Our methods are well-proven and successful,' reflects Managing Director Ken Dennis. 'They produce high levels of satisfaction and an exceptional number of customer referrals. There is a huge potential market with regular repeat business, much of which is on an all-year-round basis. Most importantly, TruGreen is a true management franchise which can be grown from an initial owner-operator business into an area that will support five vehicles.'

As a member company of the worldwide ServiceMaster Group, TruGreen offers its franchisees complete training and the assurance of continuing strong support. 'We offer a comprehensive franchise package,' reveals Ken, 'including a large protected franchise territory, a four-week training course, professional business launch, bespoke software and a full pack of equipment to provide your services.'

These benefits are already being seen by Stephen and Andrea Bromley from East Lancashire who, since their launch in May 2005, have seen their turnover rise by 100 per cent on their forecasts.

'The prediction for our first year turnover was £45,000,' says Stephen, 'but we are now hoping to do approximately £65,000, if not £70,000.'

The TruGreen franchise requires an initial investment of £24,100 plus VAT, with at least 30 per cent provided from the franchisee's own personal resources.