Why to get on board with a vehicle-based franchise in 2015

More and more people are switching careers to get away from the office-based 9-5 routine, and finding numerous fantastic opportunities to be their own boss in the world of mobile franchises.

Ask any average office-worker what they dislike most about the 9-5 routine, and they will probably tell you it is the rigid structure of the day: with the morning and evening commute, the same office building and even the same colleagues, it can sometimes feel like you are living in your own personal version of the film ‘Groundhog Day’!

A sense of freedom is an important factor in our sense of wellbeing as we go about our professional lives, but for many, it is something of a pipe dream.

Vehicle or van-based franchises however, offer a certain flexibility above and beyond that of an fixed-location job, and one way out of the tedium of the office or retail routine.

Skilled tradesmen and women in such industries as plumbing, vehicle care and repair, delivery, home and commercial cleaning and more are benefitting from the combination of their own expertise and that of the franchise model, which provides a respected and successful brand that can help make finding work and trusting customers a far easier prospect than going it alone.

While working as your own boss by no means automatically a shortcut to working less hours, it does give you the power to set your own goals and to work as much as you feel necessary to earn the income you desire.


Those who enjoy driving and the road will find it liberating, along with the fact that rarely will any two days involve working at the same location. Those who enjoy meeting and serving new people will also appreciate the fact that they do so every day, as opposed to routinely seeing the same people in the same office.

With a strongly branded vehicle, there is also the chance to generate new business simply via your presence on the road, and therefore, the time taken to travel between jobs is not wasted, in fact being more of a mobile advertising campaign. As part of a network of franchise owners, all with the same branding, your vehicle is just one of many promoting the brand and generating leads.

The start-up costs are also relatively low, with vehicles costing far less than the lease fees for office or commercial premises and often available on a rental basis themselves, becoming, along with tools, fuel and upkeep of said vehicle, the only significant outgoing.

Growth potential

This is not to mention the tremendous and easily implemented growth potential. While many new owners of a vehicle-based franchise will begin with a single unit, it is relatively simple to expand as appropriate to meet increased demand for your services in your agreed territories as your business and finance grows and word of mouth spreads about the quality of your work.

Ownership of a vehicle-based franchise also needn’t necessarily mean that you personally drive the vehicle. Fleet management opportunities are also available as an option from certain businesses.

Franchise types

There are many options available to those looking to invest in a mobile franchise, with many different services: from vehicle cleaning and windscreen repair companies like Screen Rescue, Chips Away, Autosheen, etyres and Revive! to food and beverage delivery firms like Wiltshire Farm Foods, Home Farm Foods, Snack-in-the-box, Aqua Aid and Riverford Organics.

Mr Electric, Drain Doctor, Metro Rod, Mould Doctor, VIP Bin Cleaning and Envirogroup further display the broad spectrum of service-based mobile franchise opportunities. Whatever your skills and interest, there is sure to be one to suit your preference.

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