Voucher Packs: The business that really delivers!

Having become successful in the competitive world of advertising, Voucher Packs is looking for franchisees to take its success further. Derin Ibrahim reports

Many companies depend on advertising to generate customers and due to this they constantly demand advertising services with proven results. Although a relatively young business, U-save Ltd trading as Voucher Packs, has had a great deal of success in providing this service and as a result is looking for franchisees to expand its business throughout the country.

A regional branch of Voucher Packs, Voucher Packs Wakefield, was established as a pilot franchise in 2006. Voucher Packs Wakefield uses the same business model as its parent company, a direct mail formula that had been developed in the USA over a 30-year period but had not been properly implemented in the UK until U-Save Ltd was founded in 2002.

The Voucher Packs system provides targeted direct mail with clear-plastic wrapped redeemable vouchers. 'The Voucher Packs service is a unique business opportunity and could be your ticket to the exciting and highly profitable world of advertising,' explains Richard Wood, of Voucher Packs.

'Demand is growing exponentially as businesses small and large turn to focused, targeted advertising service and away from over-saturated media. Direct mail has always been the most responsive media with 75 per cent of consumers responding to at least one direct mail advert each year. Voucher Packs increases these already impressive odds with a winning formula. In fact Voucher Packs advertisers report exceptionally high redemptions, notably KFC, Frankie & Benny's, ChipsAway and many other localised businesses.'

The type of franchisees most suited to the Voucher Packs franchise are those who enjoy working with people and have strong communication skills as well as energy, determination and a full UK driving licence. In return franchisees can expect to receive full training in all aspects of the business, ongoing support, a supply of initial appointments with local businesses, introductions to some of the key national businesses already successfully using Voucher Packs and all production and print handled by head office.

Providing an advertising service with proven results has meant that Voucher Packs has had a great deal of success in a very competitive industry. Voucher Packs now seeks franchisees to take that success further on a national scale.