When Debbie Haley Hill launched the first Voucher Packs pilot franchise in September 2006 she was prepared for a challenge.

After all, every new business faces an uphill climb. With no client base, no market history and an unknown brand, fresh faces must rely solely on the strength of their product and marketing strategy to establish themselves. What Debbie didn't anticipate was an uptake so rapid that she narrowly escaped whiplash. She quickly realised that reliable and effective direct mail marketing solutions were in very short supply.

Within its first three months of operation, Voucher Packs of Wakefield signed multiple national clients, including KFC, Britannia Hotels, Pizza Hut, DeVere Hotels, Merry Maids and Rosemary Conley. Her first Wakefield-area mailing went out in December 2006, and she has had mailings of 20,000 packs a month ever since, with an average of 16 vouchers per pack! In her very first six months of operation, she still managed to realise a gross profit of £8,000. Her first year results, soon to be released, surpassed Debbie's expectations and may surpass the first-year results of Voucher Packs Franchising Limited's corporate location.

Debbie has been left wondering where the line between rapid take-up and rocket-like take-off is drawn. Voucher Packs' formula - a targeted, measurable, marketing service with design, print and distribution via the Royal Mail for one highly-competitive price - has been proven a winner yet again. National brands have been contacting head office for advance word on the opening of new Voucher Packs locations. The company's next franchisees had better brace themselves. Their launch may just be blisteringly fast.