The media franchise that really delivers

With a succession of satisfied blue chip clients, Voucher Packs is looking for franchisees to build on its unique marketing offering to assist their local businesses

Delivering results for advertisers is the priority for the Voucher Packs team - in their view this is the only way to build a viable business.

Voucher Packs is the only media of its kind in the UK and the company has only recently started to market its business as a franchise opportunity after many months of preparation. Established over five years and based on an idea which has been successful in the USA for over 35 years, Voucher Packs is a co-operative direct mail service which continues to enable local business to achieve phenomenal results cost effectively.

Voucher Packs are DL size clear wrapped branded packs containing leaflets from companies such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Frankie and Benny's and many local businesses in the leisure, home, health, food and beauty categories. Voucher Packs are delivered in the post to selected households in the franchisee's agreed territory via the Royal Mail. The packs are unique because they all contain an offer of some sort, many of which are exclusive to the pack. Householders not only open the packs but also pass on individual leaflets to family and friends. Advertiser's leaflets are also uploaded to the Voucher Packs website making them widely available and helping to increase redemption rates.

However the long term success of a media franchise largely depends on the results it delivers to its advertisers. This is part of what makes Voucher Packs such an attractive proposition. Voucher Packs often deliver results for its advertisers which are in excess of any advertising media they have ever used. The Directors of Voucher Packs know that if advertisers continue to receive response rates which at a minimum cover their advertising spend, those customers will stay for the long haul.

Developing a successful Voucher Packs business is about building long term relationships with delighted customers. Voucher Packs head office takes care of all the operational aspects of the business leaving the franchisee free to do just that. The training is carried out by qualified experienced personnel and the support franchisees are given is second to none. We are looking for eight enthusiastic and motivated people who have a desire to build a secure and rewarding future.

'Voucher Packs is a really good medium for bringing in business. I place half my monthly advertising spend with Voucher Packs because it's the most effective way of getting customers, without a great deal of input, which is great for small businesses who don't have time to spend doing leaflet drops. I will get on average £1,500-£2,000 of trade from a £350 drop. I've recommended Voucher Packs to all the ChipsAway franchisees - it's a complete no-brainer really!'
Tim Beal, ChipsAway

'I get on average 15 per cent redemptions on my vouchers every time I do a drop. Voucher Packs is probably one of the best mediums that we use in order to get customers into the store.'Andy Atkinson, KFC

A franchise that REALLY DELIVERS!

A brand new franchise opportunity has delivered results for over 5 years!

For an investment of only £12,500 you have the opportunity to own your own successful co-operative, offer based direct mail media business.

An advertising vehicle which

  • Is unique in the UK
  • Delivers tangible results
  • Irresistibly cost effective to advertisers
  • Works in partnership with the Royal Mail
  • Backed up by our bespoke 'Voucher Packs Online' website

You can work from home or an office.
You need no technical know how - we take care of all production matters.
Initial appointments supplied.
Comprehensive training & support by qualified professionals.

Your role?
To develop long lasting relationships with your delighted customers and become financially independent.