An opportunity for unlimited growth

Combining a specialist service essential for business clients with huge growth potential and the enthusiasm and ambition of a network of franchise owners is the formula for success for Washroom Resolutions

Estimating its marketplace in the UK at £3 billion a year, Washroom Resolutions is seeking to establish a national franchise network replicating the success achieved during a 30 year history. In response to what the company has identified as "enormous growth potential" in its specialised washroom cleaning services sector, the company is pushing ahead with its recruitment of franchise owners.

"The quality of a company outlet is judged by the standard of the washroom," says the company's Managing Director Russell Eckert. "Washroom areas obviously still need to be maintained and kept to a high standard and sanitary condition regardless of economic conditions, so our essential service is always required - in good and bad times.

"When it comes to general cleaning, contract cleaners do a generally good job. However, when it comes to busy washroom areas where a much more detailed level of work is required, their staff rarely have the time or the expertise to do the job properly. This is why our weekly sanitisation service is of such great value to all the different business environments."

Washroom Resolutions offers clients specialist weekly programmes and treatments that provide dedicated hygiene solutions that ensure a continual level of protection from bacterial contaminants and mal-odours. Franchise owners will employ fully trained professional technicians to provide specialist solutions in five areas: sanitisation & protection, restorative cleaning, antibacterial treatment, hand cleansing and continuous air fragrance.

"Our aim is to provide high quality solution services and products that are specialised, innovative and environmentally friendly," continues Russell. "Washroom Resolutions was founded by experts in the washroom care industry who are part of a leader in multiple service industry businesses. We're looking to grant franchises nationwide with the goal of becoming a trusted, long-term partner to our clients by delivering effective and value-driven hygiene products and services. Our franchise owners will cultivate positive relationships with their customers and deliver the level of responsiveness and responsibility expected from a first-class organisation."

Washroom Resolutions is seeking hard working, enthusiastic individuals with an interest in joining an ambitious franchise with the potential for high turnover and extremely good profit levels. "With the combination of experience, thorough systems, excellent training and extensive ongoing support, the right individuals can achieve strong financial and personal gains," Russell confirms. "Washroom Resolutions has limited competition so each franchise has the opportunity for unlimited and continuous growth potential. Successful Washroom Resolutions franchise partners will have a strong vision, focus and desire to build a substantial business in this high growth industry."

Reported by Stuart Anderson