Prime sites in Tesco available nationwide

Waves offers a new generation of professional and high earning car valeting services across the UK and Ireland, operating from supermarkets, shopping centres, petrol stations and many other sites.

Waves was founded in 2006 by an experienced management team. Joanna Graham, Director, says: 'I created Waves to offer a professional revenue generating service to our clients, a premium value valeting service to our customers and a high earning business opportunity to our franchisees. We already have contracts with Tesco, shopping centres, petrol stations, retail parks and other independent landowners. We have grown quickly and are looking to build on our early successes by finding high calibre franchisees across the UK.'

Getting the detail right is what sets Waves apart: from professional and specialist set-ups (including Environment Agency compliant systems), to branded work area, signage and uniforms to high quality performance valeting, Waves works hard to deliver the best level of service to everybody.

As a Shopping Centre Manager at a Waves site in London said: 'Car valeting is a very popular service with shoppers so we are very pleased to be working with Waves to provide a high quality service for our customers. The great benefit of this service is that it can so easily be combined with the whole shopping and leisure experience. People seem to have so little free time these days that being able to leave your car to be professionally cleaned while you simply get on with your shopping saves my customers time and hassle.'

Waves franchises vary in cost and business model and can be purchased from as little as £15,000 + VAT. Typical full valet and independent sites start from £25,000 + VAT. NatWest will fund up to 70% of the franchise fee, subject to candidate application.

For ambitious and entrepreneurial franchisees, many Waves sites have additional revenue-earning potential through retail space, cafés, contract work, additional parking and cleaning services, etc. Selecting the right site is very important: Waves franchisees can clean 50 cars+ per day in their first month and can earn £60,000+ in their first year and over £100,000 a year in subsequent years.

Running a successful Waves site is not difficult: - it just takes hard work and high levels of customer service. Waves franchisees don't need to have washed a car before nor to have run their own business as there is a comprehensive training course, adapted for each individual's requirements. The dedicated Area Management team provide ongoing support and mentoring to each franchisee.

'The site is really busy and the customers love us. I am looking forward to working with Waves and getting a second site.'
CA, Yorkshire

'The site looks extremely smart and professional. We hope and expect it to be a tremendous success!'
FG, Surrey

'It was hard running my own business to begin with as I had just had a baby, but Waves gave me excellent advice during those times and I thank them.'
BP, Surrey

'We are very pleased with the way that Waves has completely refurbished this site for us, it looks totally different to the way it did: smart, professional and great signage. Everybody in Rugeley has been talking about the site... we have already had lots of customers and have also won our first commercial contract. We are very happy so far.'
BH & SM, Staffordshire

'It is looking really good, I am very pleased'
GM, Hertfordshire

'I am very pleased, the site looks great and the cars keep coming.'
DM, Berkshire

Top 10 reasons to join the Waves team:

  • Proven and successful business model with high earning potential (£100,000+ 2nd year profit on large sites - full financial projections available at interview stage)
  • Multi-level investment from £15,000 + VAT - £50,000 + VAT. Multi-franchise ownership encouraged to suitable candidates.
  • Prime site locations available nationwide with blue-chip client list (including Tesco)
  • Experienced management team providing dedicated management support to every franchisee
  • Modern branding to attract customers
  • National coverage across whole of UK & Ireland
  • Full range of valeting services offered with localised pricing
  • Full and professional site set-ups to provide turnkey businesses
  • Customised local marketing campaigns
  • A choice of car wash business models to suit your experience and skills