Waves - best in class

Waves has a long and established relationship with Tesco going back to 2006, but in 2011 when Tesco wanted someone to manage their entire hand car washing estate they choose Waves to become the sole provider.

“I think it is because we shared the same values and concepts of customer service that was crucial in us winning the contract” says Joanna Graham, a founding director of Waves, and their principle contact at Tesco on a day to day basis.

“What we have done since winning the contract is to convert all of the existing car washes to the latest Tesco design standard, and this means we now offer a best in class service to our customers” explained Graham.

This is clearly evident today when you visit any of the current 110 stores where Waves is operating. All staff are in uniform and they all deliver the same types of services. Everyone operates from a smart cabin situated in a prominent location within the car park - always within easy access of the store.

“Ours and Tesco research shows that customers are happy to leave their vehicles whilst they shop,” Graham explained. “However it is important that we are close enough to the store entrance so they can get back and collect their car easily.”

Waves provides a complete package for all new sites and we completely build, install and equip the hand car wash. The full installation also includes Tesco approved signage and marketing materials, together with training and on-going support. It is also a business that lends itself to the management franchise model, where a single franchisee will operate a cluster of locations.

Five year Tesco hand car wash franchise packages start from £47,500 + VAT

Our achievments


Our achievements for our franchisees. We:

  • Re-branded the Tesco hand car wash estate to the new design standard, operating under the Tesco brand
  • Created the new design standard for all new-build Tesco hand car washes
  • Opened our 100th Tesco hand car wash
  • Released our smart phone app with a customer store locator
  • Piloted a promotion using Tesco ClubCard
  • Ran campaigns with the Tesco local marketing team to offer incentives to customers to return to the store and the car wash to receive incremental benefits
  • Ran a promotion through the petrol filling station tills for discounts at our car washes - nearly 2,500 customers took this up across 20 stores with 60% being new to the car wash on average
  • Achieved unprecedented levels of brand recognition and positive feedback from Tesco’s own customer research
  • Ensured our hand car wash installation is ahead of current planned EU legislation
  • Negotiated operational savings and supplier discounts for our franchisees; e.g. we reduced their insurance premium by 24%


Our plans to help our franchisees. We will:

  • Continue to grow and aim to open at least one new hand car wash per week
  • Run a national ClubCard promotion across our sites
  • Run a national promotion through the petrol filling station tills for discounts at our car washes which is open to all of our sites to participate (if they have a pfs at their store)
  • Launch a partnership advertising campaign with Tesco bank replacing all the jet wash screens to advertise a bolt on service - at no cost to our franchisees
  • Help to drive footfall by promoting sponsorship of Cancer Research UK
  • Implement a business development plan for our franchisees to use to grow their businesses
  • And there’s more to come...

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