Gain control over your work/life balance

A former Well Polished employee turned franchise owner, Sheena Hare is excited about her future building a business of her own with Well Polished

Witnessing the growing success of the Well Polished franchise network from her position with the company as Customer Service Manager, Sheena Hare was eager to make the transition from employee to franchise owner and build a successful business of her own. She purchased the established West Wirral territory this summer and is now focusing on building up her own business.

"When I was working for Well Polished I helped train the franchise owners," says Sheena. "I was impressed with the short turn around - after two weeks of training franchise owners from all walks of life are provided with the knowledge and ability to run their own franchise. With my experience at the company I realised I would be able to make the transition from employee to franchise owner easily, gaining more control over my work/life balance and seeing more of my grandchildren in the process."

Well polished is a domestic cleaning introductions agency and has territories available nationwide from as little as £4,900. "Well Polished is a business in a box," continues Sheena. "All you need is an office area, computer and phone line to be able to run the business successfully. The Well Polished business model involves the simple concept of introducing and matching cleaners to clients' requirements. Franchise owners do not do any cleaning, instead they manage the cleaning contracts, find cleaners and liaise with the clients."

Clients have a wide variety of domestic cleaning services to choose from including one-off blitz cleans, bed making and laundry to house sitting, standard house cleans, waiting in for deliveries and more recently an in-house, same day ironing service called Well Pressed.

"As I had been a Well Polished employee for one year I already knew how to operate the business," continues Sheena. "However knowing I am not completely on my own while I take on the challenge of running my own business is very comforting. I have the support of the other franchise owners and the company founder Sandra Venables.

"I am really excited about my future as a Well Polished franchise owner. My aim is to build up the business to the point where I am able to take home the same salary as a Customer Service Manager preferably while working 20 hours a week instead of 40. This means I will be able to see more of my family and have the time to visit my friends in Canada."

Interview by Jess Sturman