Franchise owners shine with Well Polished

Well Polished franchise owners, Euan Taylor and Marcia Knightbridge sparkle at annual awards conference.

One of the UK’s leading domestic and commercial cleaning franchises, Well Polished, held its annual awards conference at the Belfry Hotel, in Birmingham, to celebrate the continued achievements of its franchise owners.

Due to their dazzling sales growth and ongoing business development, Well Polished franchise owners Euan Taylor (pictured top) and Marcia Knightbridge (pictured right) were both named as Franchise Owner of the Year 2010. Sandra Venables, founder and Managing Director of Well Polished, said choosing between them was impossible.

“Euan and Marcia’s figures were so close in terms of growth, we decided the best idea was to present a joint award,” she explains. “Both are doing so well in their businesses that they no longer work from home as they have both taken on business premises.”

Since joining Well Polished in June 2008, Euan has recruited over 50 cleaners, hired a Customer Service Manager, acquired office premises and has won Franchise Owner of the Year two years running. Even though he has had a hugely successful year, Euan admits he was still pleasantly surprised to receive the award.

“I really didn’t think I was going to win, there’s so much competition,” he says. “Being an award-winning franchise owner of a nationally recognised brand is excellent for attracting new customers.

“I have watched my sales grow month-on-month and I am incredibly pleased with how far my business has come. I have got a great team working with me and do all that I can to ensure that my staff and customers are happy. To continue the development of my business I will be concentrating on expanding my administration team and obtaining my sales Diamond award.”

Former Fields Sales Manager, Marcia, was thrilled to see that her Hertfordshire-based business was reaching award-winning standards.

“I was surprised but really pleased, it made all my hard work feel worthwhile,” she reveals. “I am really happy about it being a joint award as I know how hard Euan works and I really believe he deserves it. He has also been a great mentor to me since I started my franchise and has helped and supported me a lot, so I am genuinely glad to share the award with him.”

Marcia’s business has grown substantially since it was launched in July 2009. She now has 16 cleaners working with her and has recently appointed a Customer Service Manager.

“I recognised that for the business to be managed efficiently and provide the level of customer service that my clients deserve, I needed to have the office regularly manned and made more accessible to clients as I spend more time out of the office due to the growth of the business.

“I am planning to appoint a Supervisor to help manage my team of cleaners and I would like to broaden the service that we offer by taking on commercial clients,” concludes Marcia.

Established in 2004, Well Polished is a domestic and commercial cleaning franchise, which is operated as a management opportunity. Franchise owners do not do any cleaning, instead their role is to manage the cleaning contracts, find cleaners and liaise with the clients.

Reported by Tiffany Brooking