My quality of life has improved dramatically

With his business generating a net monthly turnover of £3,000 and a better work/life balance, Kal Patel is pleased he decided to invest in the Well Polished franchise

For former project manager Kal Patel, becoming a Well Polished franchise owner is the best decision he has ever made. As his own boss he now works an average of 15 hours a week from the comfort of his own home. Kal is keen to continue rapidly building up his business and monthly turnover, increasing his salary in the process.

'I was tired of working nine-to-five Monday to Friday and hated the fact that if I needed to do overtime I did not get paid any extra,' reflects Kal. 'I did not have any time to myself and wanted to be the sole beneficiary of my hard work, so starting up a business was the ideal solution. I researched franchising and felt it was a less risky way for me to become my own boss, as I would have a proven business model to work with. I contacted an array of franchisors. Well Polished got back to me straight away so I arranged a meeting with the company founder Sandra Venables and was impressed with her honesty and knowledge and the Well Polished franchise package.'

Well Polished is a domestic cleaning introductions agency with territories available nationwide from just £4,900. Franchise owners are not required to do any cleaning - instead they are responsible for matching householders to suitable cleaners, managing the contracts and ensuring the customers receive a quality clean every time. As part of the franchise package, all franchise owners are given a copy of the operations manual and have access to ongoing support and training.

Sandra Venables explains: 'Our range of domestic cleaning services include standard house cleans, one-off blitz cleans, bed making, waiting in for deliveries, house sitting and laundry. We have also introduced a new service to increase revenue and consumer interest called Well Pressed. This is our in-house, same day ironing service that our uniformed cleaners can provide.' Kal launched his franchise covering Leicester and Market Harborough in January 2008. 'At present, I have 20 cleaners on the books and already my business is generating a monthly net turnover of £3,000,' continues Kal. 'By the end of this year, I aim to have the business generating £4,000 per month, which is definitely achievable considering the size of my territory.

'Since becoming a Well Polished franchise owner my quality of life has improved dramatically - for a start I am less stressed and have more free time to see my family! It is a great accomplishment to know that my business continues to expand through word of mouth as well as leafleting as it shows that the cleaners I manage continue to provide a fantastic service.'

Interview by Jess Sturman