Wooden Bakery overhauls its image in style for 2015

The unique Lebanese bakery brand has outlined its forward-thinking plans for a visual and sensory overhaul of its popular stores, which is set to increase business for franchise owners and make 2015 its strongest year yet.

Wooden Bakery has started the year in style with a comprehensive plan to overhaul its image with renovations to its branches. The changes will create a unique personalised connection to customers and drive business for the company in its self-owned stores and for its growing number of franchise owners.

Already known and admired for its excellent atmosphere, the unique Lebanese brand is taking this to the next level with a mixture of music and decorations, which aim to improve the experience for the wide-range of clientele that visit the bakery stores to buy its increasing range of products by making food preparation more visible to customers.

The company has taken an intelligent, scientific approach to this visual and sensory overhaul, studying customer behaviour to determine what they want and the environment they wish to experience when purchasing food produce. It has determined that there are many elements of the Wooden Bakery setting that influence shopper’s behavior through their effects on emotion, cognition, and physiological state: all of which affect customer comfort and their likelihood to buy.

That it has taken this approach displays its commitment to the success of its business and those of its franchise owners, with a determination to make a Wooden Bakery franchise even better value for money.

Changes to the visual palette of Wooden Bakery branches for 2015 include the creation of a transparent glass opening to the kitchen, enabling customers to see for themselves the pristine standards of hygiene the company proudly maintains and allowing them to shop with confidence, while also enjoying the experience of seeing products being prepared.

The in-store seating area has also been enlarged, allowing a greater number of customers to take in the unique atmosphere, which is a necessary change, as the new layouts of the stores create enhanced visibility to potential clients passing on the street, and are sure to attract more in to sample the much-enlarged menu on offer.

This, combined with there products like the Oreo Cheesecake, Bouchée Burger and Tresor Piece, and substantial expansion to the Viennese, French Bread and Pastry units, means business looks likely to be booming this year.

Furthermore, the eye-catching new products displays make passing clients likely to notice additional products to those they came for, simulating impulse buys, and product descriptions have been enhanced to be still more appealing.

Efficiency The changes to store layout and functionality have also refined the manpower required to run the store, reducing the number by 10 per cent, ultimately meaning lower overheads for storeowners and of course greater profits. Combine this with the fact that the cost of a new store has been reduced from $450,000 to $350,000, the company will be able to create more new builds and greater opportunities for new franchise owners to take on their own Wooden Bakery branch.

Wooden Bakery has already been franchised in Lebanon with 31 outlets, six of which are owned. New branches opened in 2014 include those at Adonis, Sayda, Naccache, Furn El Chebbak, Choueifat, Bekfaya, and Mar Roukoz- Hazmieh.

In 2015, the brand’s growth will see new branches around Lebanon, and further afield, with the expansion process continuing in the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), which already has six Wooden Bakery outlets. Two new high-grade plants are currently under construction to complement the upgrade of Wooden Bakery’s existing plant, which is undergoing renovation works to cope with the increased demand and help service these new outlets.

When the two new plants are completed, Wooden Bakery will be ready for sub franchising, and will push on from this strong position into the profitable Emirati and Qatari markets, with excellent opportunities for new owners, who will benefit greatly from the company’s vision and forward-thinking.

With such firm plans in place and customer demand on the increase all the time, it seems that 2015 is set to be the year of Wooden Bakery.