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Car vandalism and damage by an unknown third party is rising, according to a new survey carried out by smart repair franchise Revive!.

The franchise, which specialises in repairing minor scuffs and scrapes to vehicle bodywork and alloy wheels, questioned over 100 technicians for Revive! 2012 UK Smart Repair Survey. Of those surveyed the number one repair was bumper scuffs with alloy wheel repairs coming second. The next most common reason for call outs was vehicle vandalism or third party damage reported by 19 per cent of technicians. A large proportion of the damage had been done by an unknown person.

Mark Llewellyn, Managing Director of Revive!, said: “Maybe it is because people are feeling the pinch financially and they fear that by leaving their details after an accidental scuff or scrape they will face high costs or lose their own no claims bonus.

“Whatever the reason it is a real shame, as what people don’t realise is that it costs far less than they think to do the right thing and have a clear conscience. Most minor paintwork or alloy wheel repairs can be fixed for less than the cost of the average insurance policy excess.”

In the survey car parks seemed to be the place that caused the most damage, with motorists citing low walls, high kerbs, tight turns and narrow parking bays as reasons for scuffing their bumpers or damaging their alloy wheels, while cars fitted with parking sensors seem to get scraped more than those without.

Revive! also reports a rise in the number of customers paying for damage themselves rather than going though the insurance company, as well as more people having paintwork or alloy damage fixed before returning hire or leased vehicles.

Llewellyn added: “We are seeing people holding onto cars longer than they might have done previously and taking more care of them by tidying them up and to protect residual values.”

In regards to whether men or women cause the most damage the jury is still out, as almost a third of the technicians report an equal 50/50 spit, with 27 per cent saying they see more scuffs and scrapes caused by men and 20 per cent say it's women drivers. Llewellyn added: “But it was hard to get a definitive answer as most of our technicians report that men don’t tend to want to ’fess up to causing damage. Women are more conscientious and book in their cars almost straight after an incident and seem to have no problems admitting they have had an incident.”

Throughout the country over half of all cars repaired were silver in colour, closely followed by black with blue and grey coming in at third and fourth place. In Reading and Southampton technicians carried out the most repairs on blue bars while in Manchester and Newbury white cars were reported to be the second most common.

Red vehicles, once the most popular colour on the road failed to top the list in any area coming third in just 13 per cent of the regions.

The survey also found that it's not uncommon for technicians to have regular customers. One motorist in Crawley has had his car repaired six times after scraping the same corner on his garage door.


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