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"I saw a good business opportunity with CeX"

Initial Investment Required £250,000 + VAT
Ideal Franchise owner

An experienced retailer with entrepreneurial flair, a proven track record and an accomplished manger. You'll have a keen interest in our products and enjoy putting the customer first.

When former CeX employee Ahmad Yasser decided to make the transition from CeX employee to franchise owner, he felt confident that he had the product knowledge and experience to successfully run the entertainment exchange franchise.

"Having been with CeX for almost 10 years I have good knowledge of how the business model works and being on the other side of the counter I knew I could run the franchise well," explains Ahmad. "I have seen it grow from a very small company to what it is now and I am amazed with how far it has come, the business model really works."

In April 2008 Ahmad launched his first CeX store in Basingstoke. The store was very well received and quickly developed impressive sales and a loyal customer following. Ahmad has gone on to open two further stores in Andover and Bournemouth.

"My first branch reached a £1.5 million turnover in the first year and £1.7 million in the second year. I have met and smashed my targets year on year."

With his decade of working for the entertainment franchise, Ahmad easily fell into his new managerial role.

"As I have been with CeX for so long I didn't really need much formal training, as I had received excellent training throughout my time working for CeX. As a franchise owner and Area Manager I have trained a few new and external franchise owners in my stores," he adds.

CeX offers new franchise owners the opportunity to join a recognised and proven business model, which supplies comprehensive training and dedicated ongoing support.

Ahmad divides his time between his three stores, ensuring they are all running smoothly and targets are being met. He is keen to expand into new territories and to continue developing his successful CeX retail empire.

"I have plans to launch at least three more branches during the next couple of years. Business has been great and we should be able to make it even more successful."

Reported by Tiffany Brooking