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“My CeX franchise gives me job satisfaction and great financial rewards”

Initial Investment Required FROM £250,000 + VAT (£60,000 + vat capital required)
Summary of Operation

Retailer of second-hand electronic and digital entertainment products. CeX trades in videogames, DVDs, mobile phones, digital electronics, computing, vision products and music CDs.

Such has been the success of her first CeX store in Uxbridge, launched in 2008, Nancy Man has replicated it with a second store in Shepherd’s Bush.

The latest venture was launched in August and is managed by her son Richard, who learned the CeX system at the Uxbridge store, and has been replaced by his sister, Natasha, resulting in Nancy’s burgeoning business empire becoming a real family affair.

Before becoming a CeX franchise owner, Nancy worked as a restaurant manager but had become disillusioned with her role and working environment after 18 years. As a result, she decided that becoming her own boss would be the perfect way to guarantee her job satisfaction and found the answer at home.

Nancy explains: “My husband Hugh Man, who is the Franchise Director at CeX, suggested I looked into the second-hand entertainment franchise for my new business venture.

“Obviously, I was well aware of the brand and was very impressed with its healthy sales figures and what it sells.

“CeX provided me with excellent product and management training prior to opening my store, and as my son, Richard, had worked at a CeX branch while at university, I felt confident the business would run smoothly. Now, I am more than capable of managing the store but if I ever need any help or advice, the CeX franchise team is always just a phone call away.”

Not only does a CeX franchise provide its franchise owners with a proven business model and excellent expansion prospects, the development of products in the entertainment and electronics market also keeps the business interesting and fresh.

“I learn something new everyday and that’s what I love about this franchise,” explains Nancy. “I also enjoy being my own boss, as I am able to make instant decisions without needing to consult anyone else.

“But for me, the real pleasure is getting to know my customers. I make an effort to learn the names of the regular customers as I think it’s very important to make them feel valued.”With two outlets now well established, Nancy is concentrating on consolidating her businesses, while keeping an eye on her’s and her family’s futures.

“Running my own business is great, it has given me the job satisfaction and financial rewards I was hoping for.

If trade continues to be as profitable and successful as it has been, my children will continue to develop and expand the business, and hopefully I will be able to retire in the next five years!” adds Nancy.

Reported by Tiffany Brooking reports