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Secure your future with CeX

Initial Investment Required From £250,000 + VAT (£60,000 + VAT capital requirement)

Since the day he launched his business, CeX franchise owner Martin Hawthorne (pictured), has enjoyed his store’s huge popularity and the financial security it has provided.

“We had a queue at our door on our opening day and we’ve been really busy since but that’s the sort of challenge I had hoped for,” enthuses Martin. “I feel comfortable about my future and can see the path ahead. I’m more confident that I can enjoy life and I don’t have money worries any more.”

Before launching his Birkenhead CeX store in December, Martin worked for CeX as a Franchise Manager for three years. He also worked for other franchised business in the past but it was CeX’s unique branding and impressive track record that attracted him to the second-hand entertainment franchise.

“I have seen and sold a huge variety of franchise models over the years but I realised that CeX was not just any old franchise, it will be the next big thing in franchising and I wanted to be a part of it – this is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” says Martin. “Its buy, sell or exchange concept is simple but execution is everything and CeX has unrivalled systems and experience to manage this process.”

With a 90 per cent success rate of applications for franchise loans, it is becoming much easier and affordable to buy a franchise. With the assistance of his bank, Martin was able to achieve his ambition to own a CeX franchise.

“I have a bank loan from NatWest and a silent business partner. CeX can provide lots of information about funding options, although my background in franchising means I had a good grounding in the options.”

CeX offers its new franchise owners the opportunity to join a recognised and proven business model, which provides comprehensive training and dedicated ongoing support. The CeX franchise package includes a 12-week intensive training course, expert advice on stock, pricing, loss prevention and marketing, access to its bespoke EPOS system and ongoing support from head office.

“As I already have 10 years of experience in the franchise industry, my training was tailored for my needs. Having opened 20 franchise stores for CeX, I didn’t need much opening support but when I have needed help it’s been instant. I had visits from my Franchise Manager and other departments within my opening fortnight. The team are only a phone call or email away if I need them.”

Since launching his CeX franchise, Martin has embraced the challenges and benefits that owning a franchise can bring.

“Organising the staff and training them can be hard work but it’s also fun and I know that I’m building my own business,” explains Martin. “ In the future I plan to expand my business further and open five more stores over the next five years, and if trade continues to be as profitable as it has been, I hope to buy a cottage in the countryside.”

Reported by Tiffany Brooking