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Reach your potential with CeX

Investment Required from £40,000 + VAT

Since launching its exciting franchise opportunity in 2004, second-hand entertainment franchise Complete entertainment eXchange (CeX) has continued to expand at an staggering rate – boasting an impressive 230+ stores worldwide.

CeX, takes the buy and sell concept and updates it by trading in digital entertainment products. The shops buy, sell and exchange mobile phones, games, electronics, computers and DVDs directly with the public. What separates CeX from wider buy and sell retailers is our execution. CeX trade in a focused, yet complementary product range, backed up by over 20 years’ experience.

The brand is publicly acclaimed as a technology and entertainment specialist and you can now join this revolutionary retail franchise from just £40,000 + VAT.

Here, The Franchise Magazine showcases the versatility of the CeX business model and the excellent expansion potential that it offers.

One CeX Store

Scott Kenley
CeX franchise owners come from all walks of life, from hospitality and management to childcare services and accountancy, so making the transition from employee to CeX franchise owner can seem like a giant leap into the unknown. However, for CeX franchise owner Scott Kenley, the potential of the second-hand entertainment opportunity was already apparent.

“I’ve been working for CeX for over 10 years, so it was the logical progression for me to run my own store,” he explains. “I originally started as a Sales Assistant and for the last few years have been part of the Support Management Team, working in our UK, US and Spanish stores.

“The development of the franchise aspect of the business has enabled staff members to become their own businesses owners within the brand, which has been great for all concerned.”

When joining CeX, franchise owners receive comprehensive initial training and ongoing support from a dedicated Franchise Manager and the CeX team. To ensure each franchise owner receives the best guidance for them, training is tailored to their specific needs.

“Having worked for the company for so long, I’ve worked in lots of new CeX store start-ups and have been involved in supporting many of our franchise owners on a day-to-day basis, so much of the process I already understood,” explains Scott.

As a high street retail opportunity, getting the right store location is key to the success of your business, which is why the CeX team works closely with its franchise owners when selecting premises to ensure the maximum footfall and potential of the store is secured.

“I didn’t have any challenges with the Cex business model when I joined, however the process of selecting and acquiring a retail property, going through the often complex and at times frustrating process to get the store-build was new to me,” recalls Scott. “CeX have supported me at all times in the property acquisition process which has been very reassuring.”

Since launching his Colchester store in September 2012, Scott has hugely enjoyed being his own boss but admits he does have one regret: “I wish I’d done it sooner!” he reveals. “Becoming a CeX franchise owner is something I have dreamed of for a long time. I’ve gone from being a CeX employee to being in control of my own destiny.”

He concludes: “Once my new business is established, I hope to open a second store locally.”

Two CeX Stores

Lewis Broughton
Opening a second store is a great achievement for any business owner, but for CeX franchise owner, Lewis Broughton, it was a particularly special achievement as the opening of his second outlet marked the 100th CeX franchise store opening.

“I’m really pleased to be trading here in Burton-on Trent,” he says. “It’s taken a lot of planning to get to this stage but the store looks great and we have plenty of customers in.”Since launching his first CeX outlet in Chesterfield with his business partner Peter Kerry, Lewis has been impressed with the development of his businesses and the tireless support that CeX has continued to provide.

“We have the benefit of using a ‘live’ retail EPOS system,” he explains. “This enables us to run the store in an efficient manner, ensuring we can make the best decisions and provide good customer service on a day-to-day basis.

“Specialist CeX personnel keep us continually up-dated with changing information, which is important with the technical nature of many of the products we deal with.”

Prior to becoming a CeX franchise owner, Lewis was a CeX employee for a number of years so was fully aware of the working environment and commitment he was entering into.

“Working in retail is hard work with long hours,” he reveals. “You need to be prepared to spend a lot of time in your shop on a daily basis, you can not afford to be away for too long. Although, as the business grows you begin to develop key members of staff to assume some of the management responsibilities for you.”

Lewis insists that the benefits of being his own boss easily outweigh the hard work.

“My favourite part of being a CeX franchise owner, apart from the independence that running your own business gives you, is making some great friends,” he beams. “The company feels like a big family and people go out of their way to help you.”

With his second store only open a few months, Lewis has big plans for his retail empire and is eager to utilise the expansion prospects that CeX offer.

He concludes: “For now we plan to develop our new second business here at Burton-on-Trent and build and good local customer case. Going forward, we’re already thinking about store number three!”