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In a League of its Own

When analysing the CeX franchise offering, what really stands out to my mind is the training and selection process each franchise owner is subjected to before they begin trading in their own right.

As the CeX franchise owner for Fareham, Gabriel Moreno, will tell you, he went through 600 hours of practical in-store training across all levels of the management structure. This may seem a lot, but as Gabriel, and multiple other CeX franchise owners will also tell you, it is this process that has given so much success to so many investors.

The aforementioned selection process is near flawless too. Interested investors are evaluated on week-long discovery periods whereby those looking to become a CeX franchise owner can decide whether it is the right business for them as they meet the team and take part in the day-to-day running of a store. It is no coincidence that a business with processes as thorough as these now has more than 350 stores worldwide, considering it only started franchising in 2006.

Once franchise owners register their interest to proceed and meet CeX’s qualifying criteria, they are ready to begin the site selection process, the launch planning and staff recruitment for their store. What many existing franchise owners have found instrumental is the support that the CeX team provides in all of these areas. Franchise owner for the Keighley area, Ismail Ladha, has found that his business has flourished through this world-class support. He explains: “I liked CeX because it was a similar business to the one I was already operating. They offer full training and support through the life of the business and have a team of people who work everyday to ensure that I get the best possible margins while keeping my customers happy.” Ismail, like the rest of the CeX network know they can rely on the CeX team whenever they have an issue however big or small.

Since its humble beginnings as a single store in Central London, Complete entertainment eXchange has become a world renowned entertainment retailer that specialises in the buying and selling of mobile phones, computers, games, movies, digital electronics and vision products. The product range is both diverse and constantly in demand. For franchise owners, the state-of-the-art website that provides online sales as well as information about stock levels and store locations is another source of income. Indeed for Ismail, the forward thinking nature of the business is a key factor in its success. “New developments and systems are introduced regularly to improve the business and ensure we stay ahead of trends in the market place.” He adds.

As a franchise opportunity, CeX is a business like no other. Comprehensive training, unrivalled support and a proven business model has given countless franchise owners financial success. The point to be made here is that while, like any business, CeX franchises require hard work, ambition and a drive to succeed, with CeX you know your investment is with a franchisor that will do everything within its quite considerable means to help ensure your professional goals are exceeded.