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We believe in the CeX brand

Following the success of their CeX stores in Enniskillen and Londonderry, franchise owners, Trevor Finlay and Stuart Dixon (pictured), decided to continue the development of their entertainment empire by opening a third store in Newry, Northern Ireland.

“We financed our third store partly though capital, together with additional finance from our bank, which was happy to support us as a result of the strong trading position of our existing businesses,” explains Trevor.

With 127 CeX stores throughout the UK and Ireland, 70 of which are franchised, banks feel confident lending to new and existing franchise owners.

Before he became a CeX franchise owner, Trevor worked in his family’s supermarket business. He was attracted by the successful CeX franchise opportunity when his family sold their business as a result of big brand supermarkets monopolising the market.

“I had enjoyed working for myself and liked the retail environment, so began researching different viable business opportunities,” says Trevor. “I explored buy, sell and exchange franchises and CeX caught my eye because I have a keen interest in the franchise’s seven main product lines: DVDs, video games, computing, electronics, mobile phones, vision and CDs.

“I also liked the fact I would be able to utilise my 20 years of retail experience and would have the safety net of working within a franchise, which would make the move from selling groceries to entertainment and electrical goods easier.”Stuart was already very familiar with the second-hand entertainment franchise as he was a CeX store Manager before becoming a franchise owner.

“I started my careerworking in a company-owned store, and since becoming a franchise owner, the business opportunity is even more rewarding,” enthuses Stuart.

CeX offers its new franchise owners the chance to join a proven business model with 19 years of experience. The CeX franchise package includes initial training and ongoing procedures updates, limited competition, stock and pricing advice from experts, ongoing support including intranet and business services, hands-on store identification, design and outfit, and a bespoke EPOS system designed specifically for the buying, selling and exchanging goods.

“Initially, new franchise owners have to complete an extensive in-store training programme before they can open their first store,” explains Trevor. “We received invaluable support from a dedicated team when we opened our new store and CeX franchise owners always know there is always help from head office.”

CeX is so confident that franchise owners will be satisfied with its franchise that it offers a Buy-Back Guarantee if they’re not. Subject to conditions, CeX will refund stock, shop build and fit costs, and take over the store management and running costs should the franchise not meet the franchise owners’ expectations.

Combining their management skills, retail experience and passion for the CeX brand, Trevor and Stuart have mastered the CeX franchise model and have become very successful and profitable multi-unit owners.
“Running a CeX store is hard work, with long hours, but is very rewarding. It’s not for the faint hearted and requires your total personal commitment,” says Trevor. “If you are going to run the store and maximise its potential you have to be in there working alongside your staff continuously.”

Stuart adds: “The great thing about being a CeX franchise owner is that every day is different. The stock is always changing as customers buy, sell and exchange items and you get to meet people of different ages from all walks of life. I would highly recommend investing in this franchise to anyone with the financial capability and who is willing to put in the time and effort to make the business a success!”

Reported by Tiffany Brooking