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Profitable, pleasurable and proven!

Investment Required from £40,000 + VAT

When starting your own business there are a lot of things to consider, one of the most important being finding the right opportunity you – in order to succeed you must have a true passion for your businesses products or services. For Mohammed Patel, deciding to join second-hand entertainment franchise, CeX could not have been easier: “I love gadgets and technology!”

Complete entertainment eXchange (CeX) takes the buy and sell concept and updates it by trading in digital entertainment products. The shops buy, sell and exchange mobile phones, games, electronics, computers and DVDs directly with the public.

What separates CeX from wider buy and sell retailers is our execution. CeX trade in a focused, yet complementary product range, backed up by over 20 years’ experience.

Before discovering CeX, Mohammed worked for a major mobile phone retailer where he managed a team of staff in a bustling retail environment. With a wealth of industry experience and the desire to become his own boss, Mohammed saw franchising as the ideal route to achieving his goal.

“I could see that franchising gave me the opportunity to open a large-turnover retail business with all the support tools necessary to succeed,” he explains.

Confident that CeX was the business for him, with the support of his family and some existing business capital, Mohammed decided to invest in the retail franchise.

“A detailed business plan, written with CeX, helped me to understand what the capital requirements were going to be and how to plan my financial budgets,” says Mohammed. “Finding a suitable location was initially a challenge but CeX has the experience and contacts to source a unit that we were happy with in terms of location, size and rent.”

Franchisee training is a key element to the success of a business, which is why CeX insist that all new franchise owners – however experienced they may be – receive comprehensive training.

“I’ve worked in my cousins stores for over a year, so I understand the business, but it’s quite different being responsible for everything now,” reveals Mohammed. “Managing your own business can be demanding and CeX helped me to prepare for this by insisting that I completed a thorough training programme.

“I worked my way through various skill competencies that eventually resulted in me running another store for several months. This enabled me to really understand how the business worked and how to deal with challenging issues.”

Since launching his Macclesfield store, Mohammed has been delighted with the benefits that the CeX franchise provides and would definitely recommend it to those who love gadgets and technology.

“CeX provides a proven business strategy and a tailor made EPOS system that makes a lot of the day-to-day business decisions for me,” he explains. “I’ve had some great support from CeX, they want their franchisees to be successful and profitable.

“There is ongoing support on a daily basis from specialist individuals and I know that there’s always someone to help, without being continually told what to do!

“The CeX franchise model is really hands-on,” he continues, “and requires you to be fully committed, you need to have the experience and management skills to be able to manage a team of staff.” With only a couple of months of trading behind him, Mohammed already has ambitious plans for the future and is eager to become a multi-unit franchise owner.

“I will keep on growing the business here,” explains Mohammed. ”I’m shortly adding CeX’s ECommerce website service, which will help to grow my business further and, most importantly, further improve the service we can offer our customers.

“I plan to get my new store here in Macclesfield trading smoothly and begin to think about a second business, there are lots of opportunities with CeX out there!”

Written by Tiffany Brooking